Finding the Perfect Family Car

A good family car almost feels like a part of the family itself. Sturdy, secure and comfortable, whilst also offering the capability of ferrying the kids to and from school, fitting a pushchair in the boot and finding room for the inevitable family dog. With such lofty demands to consider, finding the perfect family car at your nearest carstore can be quite a daunting task. That’s where we come in.

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The Right Type

Hatchback – What you’re getting with a hatchback family car is flexibility, which can be incredibly advantageous for smaller, young families. Coming in three or five-door varieties, the hinged roofs are easy to open and perfect for fitting the weekly grocery shop. The back seats can also often be folded down to allow for more storage space, though this does sacrifice the rear seats. Hatchbacks come in large, medium and small sizes, with the Ford Fiesta an example of a popular small hatchback and the Honda Civic an example of a larger hatchback.

Estate – Estates are longer than typical hatchbacks, with the longer body lending itself better to larger families. The larger the car, the more practical when it comes to transporting family members and their cargo. An example of a typical estate car would be a Volkswagen Golf Estate.

People Carrier – For even larger families (or for families that have ambitions for growth) an MPV might be a potential option. Of course, people carriers have a reputation for being a little boxy and lacking character, but never judge a people carrier until you’ve managed to have a gander inside. People carriers are not only ideal due to their extra storage space, but because there is often a third row of seats that can be pulled out from the boot to allow even more space for friends, pets and even grandparents! For an investment in the future of your family, an MPV, like a SEAT Alhambra or a Vauxhall Zafira, might be the safest bet.

What Features Should a Good Family Car Have?

  • Rear cameras that allow you to see directly behind you via the dashboard are a modern convenience that could end up saving your family’s life.
  • Integrated sunshades that can transform rear windows and allow your young children to catch a quick nap or sleep off a tantrum, allowing you to focus 100% on the road.
  • Enough seats to fit not only your existing family members but any family members that might be planned in the near future. Plan ahead and a good family car can last a solid decade as long as you look after it.
  • The ability to safely and easily install a baby or toddler car seat.
  • Collision detection and reverse sensing technology that alerts you when you’re getting too close to another vehicle. This is particularly useful for parking larger estate and MPV vehicles.
  • A built-in entertainment system designed to keep your kids entertained so you can keep your eyes on the road. Of course, most kids will have their own phones and tablets, but looking down at them on the road can lead to serious road sickness problems.
  • Finally, it might seem like a small thing, but cup holders are an absolute necessity if you’re driving young children around. Just trust us.

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