How to Make a Successful Kids Birthday Party

Some will say that kids are the hardest ones to please, while others will say the reverse.

It might be that the first group would prefer throwing their kids a birthday party that they would like, instead of trying to please the boy or girl of the day.

Here is a list of elements that alone, or added to other things, can help you make a successful kids birthday party.

  1. The Details

Sometimes, it is the little details that will please kids the most. Keep in mind that a box in which the gift was wrap, can often become more interesting to them than the gift itself.

That is why you need to look into customization of the accessories that will be used, during the party.

For example, instead of using a regular gift ribbon, have one prepared with the name of the child and a design that you know will please him or her.

You’ll be surprise how such a small investment may remain with them forever, as they will see it as a proof of love and will want to store the ribbon away, as a keepsake.

It is not the only thing you should think of customizing. Balloons are another way to render your kid happy.

“Happy Birthday Jack or Jill” (replace by the name of your child) printed on the balloons, will be much better than just regular “Happy birthday” ones.

Make sure that the main colour of the event, is the one he/she prefers and choose the cake according to their taste (not yours).

  1. The Main Event

What is the thing that kids look forward to the most, when it is their birthday? Gifts.

Therefore, it is a great idea to make it the main event of the party. Ask friends and family to bring their gift one day in advance, and while your kid is sleeping at night, prepare a scavenger hunt.

By leaving clues, from one location to the other, you will have all the kids excited and running around the house and the garden, following birthday boy/girl.

All this movement will also help tire everyone involved, and it will be easier to get them to sit down calmly afterwards (well, as much as possible) and eat a piece of cake.

  1. Make it a Full Day

When you are young, your birthday starts the moment you wake up and lasts right until you fall asleep in the evening.

Don’t let them wait longer than they can, by initiating their birthday from the moment they get up.

When you prepare their lunch box, make sure to insert a birthday card, with the food that they prefer and a little cupcake.

They’ll show it to everyone at school, bragging about the fact that it is their birthday!

At dinner time, give them a place of choice at the table. Make them feel like they are a prince or princess, by turning their chair into a throne.

It can be the same one that you will use during the party, as well. Prepare their favourite meal and keep a few of their closest friends for dinner.

That will provide them with a full 12 hours of joy, that they will remember for a long time.

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