How to Keep a Large Property Secure When You Have Toddlers: 6 Essential Pieces of Kit 

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By Luciana Oliveira

Are you constantly worried that your curious little kiddo will venture into uncharted waters on your property? Of course, every parent should, so you’re not alone.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large, spacious home, you may have even more to worry about. The little, lovely monster has more room to explore every second you let your guard down.

Luckily, this piece rounds up some essential tips you could use to secure a large property when you have toddlers.

Parenting Toddlers Is a Tough Job

Parenting toddlers can be an extremely challenging task. It’s a stage where curious little ones are exploring their surroundings more, testing boundaries, and asserting some independence. Toddlers often possess seemingly boundless energy and a knack for getting into everything.

Their physical abilities leap ahead in this developmental stage as well. For example, they quickly learn to open doors and drawers out of curiosity. They may also try climbing on furniture, raising the risk of falls or injuries.

Engaging them constructively while ensuring their safety can leave even the most energetic parents feeling drained at times. If we consider all these factors, it becomes evident that having a toddler requires ramping up your home security and safety measures significantly.

6 Essential Ways to Keep A Large Property Secure For Toddlers

1. Baby Gates

Baby gates are one of the best investments you can make to keep your toddler safe. These baby-proofing kits create physical barriers that limit where your child can wander on your property. Strategically installing them at staircase entrances, room doors, and hallways will help prevent accidents.

2. Furniture and Appliance Straps

Keeping furniture and appliances secure is another crucial aspect of toddler safety, particularly on a large property. Strapping down heavy items like bookshelves, televisions, and refrigerators prevents them from toppling over if your little one tries to climb up or pull them.

3. Corner Protectors

There is always potential harm in corners for a toddling child anywhere in a large house or property. Corner protectors are compact yet highly effective tools to protect toddlers from sharp corners of furniture or walls around the house.

4. Outlet Covers

Never overlook the importance of an outlet cover when planning home safety for toddlers. Toddlers’ curiosity often leads them to insert objects into outlets, which can result in severe shocks. Secure all your electrical outlets with covers to safeguard your active toddler from such risks.

5. Gate Opener

For large properties with automated gates, a gate opener is vital for security purposes. Keep it out of children’s reach at all times to prevent unintentional operation.

Moreover, ensure that all security equipment such as the gate opener features child-safe designs and settings.

6. Cabinet Locks

Toddlers are naturally curious and love to explore everything, including the contents of cabinets and drawers. Unfortunately, these often contain objects like cleaning materials or sharp utensils that can harm them.

Installing cabinet locks will prevent your child from opening these potentially dangerous areas. Much like other security equipment, ensure these locks are sturdy yet easy for adults to operate when needed.

This way, you maintain quick access to your items while also keeping them out of your child’s reach. These kits will provide an essential safety baseline for toddlers.

In conclusion:

While raising a toddler in a large property can indeed be challenging, these essential kits can help ensure your home is a safe space for exploration.

Remember that childproofing is an ongoing process; regular reassessments and adjustments as they grow are crucial. After all, your home security effort’s ultimate goal should be to provide a safe environment for your curious little one.

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