How to Get 100s of Kindle Books for Free or Cheap

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Let me tell you about Felicia, one of the thousands of readers who joined 100 Novels.

She loves books. At the end of the day, she loves to unwind from her hectic life by doing a bit of reading, the Kindle lighting up her face in the quiet of the night. But there’s a problem that she faces because of this.

She buys a lot of books. And I mean a lot.

Sure, individually, they only cost a bit here and there, but stretch it out to the tons of books she buys over a year and it can add up to hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

When Felicia looked at her book purchases over time, all she could do was hold her head in her hands and say “Did I really spend that much?”

How to get 100s of Kindle books for free or cheap


That’s money she could have used to have lunch with her friends, buy petrol for her car, or pay for that unexpected furnace repair. It was a very cold winter that year.

She wondered if there was a way for her to enjoy tons and tons of books on her Kindle without breaking her wallet.

That was when Felicia stumbled upon 100 Novels.

It was the answer she had been looking for. With 100 Novels, she gets a daily email full of the best Kindle books in the genres she loves, like:


-Children’s Books


And here’s the kicker. Not only are the books in the email the most highly reviewed, they are ones that have been discounted to a bargain price. Some are even FREE.

No longer will she have to pay full price for a book. Today, Felicia is saving money while enjoying tons of books on her Kindle, like this one (for example):

email exampleIf you no longer want to lose money, then join 100 Novels because you’ll be getting a lot of good deals on Kindle books.

100 Novels is a free to use mailing list that alerts you to daily bargains on Kindle books, in categories of your choice. 

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