How Are You Supposed To Feel Good In What You Wear?

The means by which we feel good is totally dependent on what makes us happy and how healthy that is in general. However, we can generally rely on this one maxim – if you look good, you feel good, but perhaps more importantly, if you feel good, you look good too. For this reason, it’s nice to take care of ourselves, even on our rough days, and dress in a manner that helps us express ourselves without having to think as if there are perfect rules we should follow.

For people who haven’t focused that much on what ‘their style’ should be, it can be hard to know where to turn in this instance. You don’t have to feel bad about that, this is a very natural reaction to a general problem most people have – exactly what clothing works for me, and how should I know that without a qualified personal stylist able to give me a direct makeover?

Don’t worry about that though. Feeling good in what you wear is the most important part. In this post, we’ll help you do that:

Read The Event

How you dress depends entirely on what you’re dressing for. If you’re expected at a summer ball, you’ll dress differently than if you go bowling with your friends. Deciding the kind of outfits you might wear can help you put together a few fixtures of clothes that can interchangeably be swapped, as well as outfits ‘for something,’ even if that means knowing what brand to rent a dress from rather than owning it, this can help you know you always have something to care for. This way, you don’t have to feel too dressed up or down no matter what you choose.

Express Yourself

Fashion is, ultimately, about expressing who you are and how you feel on a given occasion. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you’re in something of a bad mood you need to dress up like a sixteenth-century vampire, even if that could be quite cool. What matters is showing what kind of colors work for you, what kind of jewlery you enjoy, or what accessories help you feel unique. A pair of powerful knee High Boots in wide and narrow calf sizes can be used to help you step into any function with your head held high, for instance. Even if you deviate for the norm, don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Be Unapologetic

It’s good to be unapologetic about what you wear. Sure, there are some design commonalities that most of us adhere to. For instance, you don’t wear a jacket back to front. But outside of the norms, feel free to wear what you like. Perhaps you’re a woman, but you feel much more comfortable wearing clothes designed for men, as you think they’re more comfortable, help express your inner self, and allow you to unapologetically show you as you are. Is this dressing ‘incorrectly?’ No, quite the opposite. Don’t be afraid to make that decision. You might just help someone else do the same.

With this advice, we hope you can feel good in what you wear without feeling as if this is a test or that you have to match criteria to feel good as you.

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