What Makes the Holiday Park Community so Special?

As a child we always used to stay in a static caravan for a week each summer as part of our holidays. One of our relatives owned the caravan so all the extended family used to take a week each to stay in it. It’s a great way to have a good value holiday and have plenty of living space – not to mention all the benefits of being part of the holiday park community. I have a guest post here today sharing some insight on what makes being part of the Holiday Park community really special!


There are lots of things that make a holiday park holiday unique. The cosy accommodation, the opportunity to try something new, the beautiful coastal scenery.

You get all of this whether you rent or buy your static caravan but one thing that make ownership truly special is the community atmosphere that you feel once you get to know the park.

Once you’ve settled in after a few visits you’ll feel it. It could be when you get a friendly smile from the park manager, borrow a bag of sugar from the people in the caravan next door or while you’re watching your kids play with their new friends.

The community atmosphere is there and it’s one of the best things about becoming a caravan owner and revisiting a holiday park time and time again.


When we’re at home we don’t usually have time to get to know our neighbours. We’re busy doing this and that and running here and there and a little bit of small talk over the fence is as far as it goes.

But when you’re on holiday that changes.No one’s in a rush, strangers will quite happily smile as they walk past each other and everyone’s surprisingly willing to stop and have a chat.

And seeing as though most holiday home owners visit the parks fairly regularly, many get to know each other and form solid friendships. Some even arrange to go on holiday at the same time.


It’s not just your fellow holiday home owners who you’ll get to know each time you visit. Each time you visit you’ll get to know the park staff who often make friends with the caravan owners.

Park staff are highly present around the park and stopping for a chat with the guests is part of what makes their job – as well as making your holiday.

Perhaps you’ll even have some friendly banter with the activity leaders. Maybe they beat you at paint ball or archery but you swear you’ll come back at beat them next time!

It really is the people who make the park and once you’ve experienced that, you’ll see exactly why so many people call it their home away from home.

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