Hape Balance Wonder Balance Bike Review

The Balance Wonder is a two wheeled wooden balance bike from Hape. Using a balance bike is useful for giving children the confidence they need to ride a bike, practicing their sense of balance to help prepare them for riding a pedalled bike when they are ready – skipping the training wheel stage.

This balance bike is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and we have enjoyed using it both ways – outdoors in the summer, and now we are using it indoors again as the weather is getting colder. This balance bike has rubberised wheels which do not scuff up the floor and have never left any marks on our flooring. During the summer, we did store it indoors too to help prevent any weather damage and just brought it outside to play. By doing this, after using it for several months it still looks just as good as new and has not suffered any wear and tear at all so seems to be durable and well made.

The Balance Wonder is recommended for age 3 years and up, and we were sent one to try out with N who is almost three.

The height is adjustable, although N is quite small for her age so she still has a little growing to do even on the smallest setting. That has not stopped her from getting around quite successfully on the bike, and was confidently able to walk and balance with it as soon as we gave it to her but I am sure that once she gains another inch or two that will give her the confidence to zoom around on it a bit faster. She enjoys the balance bike and returns to it most days to have a ride.

The Balance Wonder is made primarily of wood, with a stylish monochrome design that would suit any child – boy or girl. Its a great toy for active play, which I’m sure N will continue to use for at least another year or so, before it could then be passed down to younger cousins as Hape Toys is proud to utilize the enormous capabilities of natural materials, durable enough to last for generations in order to encourage toys to be passed down rather than thrown away.

The Hape Balance Wonder is available to buy online for £57.49 from Amazon.

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