The Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes Ever

On the night of the 31st, it is foretold that the graves of the Dead will come alive. Strange things will begin happening all around the neighborhood. You need to be prepared to fight back the supernatural entities swooping down from the sky this Halloween.

Watch out for the scary witch cackling hideously as she swoops out of the night on her….silver broomstick? Wait, that isn’t a witch at all! That’s a girl on a bicycle! If you are looking for the perfect costume this Halloween, you can look as terrifying (or as comical) as the Wicked Witch herself, and many more!

All you need to do is get out some cardboard and paint, and get creative with your bike and you. If you need any guidance, here are the top 20 most innovative Halloween costumes ever for yourself and for your bicycle!

The Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes

Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes

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With the help of cardboard and paint you could transform yourself and your bike into these fun Halloween costumes

  1. Rocket Astronaut
  2. Headless Horseman
  3. Chicken Coop
  4. Classic Witch
  5. Unicorn
  6. Shark
  7. Feeling French
  8. Still Driving
  9. Swiss Cheese
  10. Never ending Story
  11. Pumpkin
  12. Red Baron
  13. Pirate Ship
  14. Banana
  15. Propel Aircraft
  16. Fish
  17. Star Wars X Wing
  18. ET
  19. Roman Chariot Race
  20. Camel

Which is your favourite? I love the movie tie in ideas like E.T or The Never Ending Story – so clever!

If you have a bike costume idea that you’ve made, I’d love to see a photo – please feel free to share on our Facebook page any time!

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