Great Power Foods for Growing Kids

You’ve probably heard of the term “you are what you eat”. A person’s body breaks down food to use for energy and for growth and this cannot be more true when it comes to children.

The food that they eat absolutely affects how they grow, both mentally and physically.

So you have to make sure that you pick the right food for them. But what exactly should you be feeding your growing child? 

Power Food That Helps Children Grow Strong, Healthy and Energetic!

In the world of nutrition, there is always going to be food that will stand on top of the list when it comes to keeping your child healthy as they grow.

The foods we’ve listed below are particularly effective at making sure that your kids grow healthy and strong!

Fiber Rich Grain

You might have had situations where children will have a particularly difficult time going to the bathroom.

This can be a nightmare for any parent as a child could be stuck there for an extended period, and in a lot of pain as well. A great way to avoid this issue is to find grain that is rich in fiber!

Food like oatmeals and berries are a fantastic source of fiber, and you can even combine them into a sweet treat that most children will just love.

You can even add a little bit of honey, which is very effective at helping digestion while also giving them a boost to their immune system.

Do remember though, that honey should not be given to children under the age of 3.

Dairy Products

One of the more popular power foods among children is going to be dairy based products.

These dairy products include milk itself, cheeses, and yogurts and is commonly found in kid favorites like pizzas, and pastas.

Not only do kids just love this type of food, but it’s also very important for their health and growth.

Dairy products are loaded with calcium, which helps a child’s bones grow sturdy and strong. It even helps rowdy kids recover from injuries they get from playing rough with their peers. 

Citrus Fruits

Nothing is worse than a case of the sniffles, and children have a tendency to go places where they can easily catch a cold.

Injuries from playtime can also become infected more easily when compared to adults.

Most young children’s immune systems just aren’t prepared to handle a lot of the diseases running rampant out in the world since they just haven’t had the time to adapt yet.

So you need to make sure to give them and their immune system a helping hand with a few citrus fruits in their diets.

Citrus fruits are packed full of vitamins and minerals that can help your child’s immune system grow strong and fight off any diseases they might run into.

A lot of citrus fruits are also loaded with fiber that can help with digestion. So it’s a double win! 

Lean Meat

Growing kids will always need the building blocks of their bodies, and one of these very important building blocks is protein.

Protein can be found in all types of meats and is essential for helping your growing kid grow stronger, and heal from any injuries they might get when they decide to play.

However, a lot of meats will have cholesterol, which isn’t too healthy in large amounts. A good way to avoid the big C is to choose lean meats in your kid’s diet!

Lean meats include various poultry, fish and specific cuts of pork and beef like sirloin and round cuts.

There are a lot of great choices when it comes to lean meats, so take your pick when preparing your kids’ diets!

Final Takeaways

The diet that a growing child has will always be an important part of how they grow.

So you have to make sure that they get that excellent diet to help them grow healthy and strong.

A diet that includes the power food we’ve mentioned will certainly be able to help in the long run!

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