Great Gifts That Will Stand the Test of Time

If you’ve been married to your loved one for a long period of time, chances are you’ve experienced a lot of special milestones together. These milestones could be certain holidays or birthdays that you hold dear. It can be increasingly difficult to think of creative gift ideas that will show your special someone you truly care about them. While expensive gifts do show your willingness to sacrifice, there are often better ways to show you truly care for someone. This article will give you a few ideas for special birthday gifts that can be sure to stand the test of time.

Photo Book

While a photo album used to consist of developed photos pasted on internal pages of a blank book, many companies are now making it easier to create the perfect photo book. Online publishing firms have created platforms for you to upload and design your own photobooks. After submission you can have the finished product delivered to your house. If you have a great collection of family photos, consider designing your spouse a photo book – these can be great gifts for people who enjoy sentimental presents.

Weekend Away

If you want to give your spouse a present that is both enjoyable and meaningful, consider planning a weekend away. The key to making it special is having it well planned and thought out. It’s easy to tell when someone puts a lot of effort into something, and likewise it’s not hard to tell when something was planned quickly. Book the perfect hotel and make sure that there is an itinerary for the weekend. Make reservations at good restaurants and plan to do some activities while you’re away. This shows your significant other you’ve made effort to give them the best trip away possible. Also, consider making it a surprise if possible – there’s nothing better than an unexpected getaway. If all goes to plan it will be a trip neither of you will ever forget!


While jewelry may seem like a fairly common birthday gift, it can be made to stand the test of time. Consider purchasing your spouse a watch or necklace that has a special phrase engraved. Get creative and make it something personal for the two of you – maybe even an inside joke! Jewelry can be an extremely memorable gift if you put the time into making it thoughtful.

Start Planning!

Whatever you do, don’t wait! The more time you have to plan your partner’s perfect gift, the more likely it is to stand the test of time. As mentioned previously, it’s easy to tell when someone has made effort to put you first. Do the same for your loved one and it’s guaranteed they won’t forget!

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