Graco Sky Review

Last year, I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for the Graco Evo Mini pushchair as a part of their ambassador competition. You can see a couple of my reviews here and here. This year it is the new Graco Sky which is being tested and I am happy to share with you a guest post from one of this year’s testers – so over to Rachel from two kids and three angels with her Graco Sky Review!

Graco Sky Review

Hi all, I’m Rachel, mum to 2 girls ( 8 weeks and 5 years ). I  entered a competition on the Graco Facebook page to review the New Graco Sky Travel System, and was very excited to find out I had been chosen.

I was given the choice to choose a Sky out of the 3 colours – Purple Shadow, Sea Pine and Black Night. I had to choose the Purple Shadow as it’s my favourite colour, but also because if my partner had any say he would have chosen black.

First impressions were that it is very well built. It’s sturdy but also rather lightweight too which was a surprise. My experience with a Graco pushchair 5 years ago when I got given
one from a friend was that they were heavy and bulky, and not that great looking. However, 5 years on and I very pleased to see Graco have slimmed down, and look very modern and stylish now.

graco sky assembly
Ready for assembly

Assembling was very easy and didn’t take long to do. I was also very impressed with the one handed folding down of the buggy and it is relatively compact when it’s folded too. As we live in a flat, a pushchair that can be easily being put away is a must and the Sky definitely fits that description. You can view my video on how easy it is to assemble on You Tube and my blog page.

graco sky review - folded
Graco Sky Pushchair folded
graco sky folded
Frame only – folded

The Sky is a pushchair that can be used from birth to around 3 years of age. I have a 7 week old daughter and so I use the nesting part of the buggy more than having it upright. This is the seat reclined right down and the foot rest folded up. There are flaps that can be positioned onto the foot rest and seat area to make it more like a carry cot type, enabling the baby to be flat and safe in the buggy.

graco sky
Suitable from newborn

The shopping basket is fabulous; I never had one on my quinny as I had the first model that didn’t come with it. Having this huge shopping basket is a blessing – and makes shopping so much easier, than having bags hanging around on the handle bar.

graco sky sideways
Great shopping basket

I totally love the colour too. It’s a dark mysterious purple (hence the name purple shadow). It really makes the buggy stand out and very attractive. The design of the buggy is gorgeous too with its big canopy hood, that actually shades the baby very well due to it’s over large size. I also found buggies hoods very short and so needed an extra sun shade on it.

graco sky front purple
Love the colour

I find the ride very smooth and again it feels very well built, sturdy and safe. Only thing
I have trouble with was getting up kerbs as I am so used to the bouncy big wheels of the
quinny. However, I am getting used to this now after using it for a week so far I am getting
the hang of it.

I have also noticed, the Graco Sky gets some looks too. I have had a few friends already
commented on how lovely it looks, and I think one even thought about buying one. The
colour and the style of the pushchair seems to draw people in.

As we live in town we have used the stroller as it is mostly, than using it as a travel system
with the car seat. To make the transition from pushchair to a travel system is very simple and easy too.  A square base is used for the stroller only, enabling the car seat to sit on top. The frame can be folded down and stored in the boot with the base still in, so the car seat that simple clicks in when you take it out the car onto the frame – pretty much all done with just one hand.

graco sky car seat on the frame
Shown with the car seat attached

The car seat I prefer to use the base with it as I found this felt more secure and makes life much easier as you just simply clicking the car seat in once the base are placed permanently in the car. This means you haven’t got to fiddle with securing it with the seat belt every time you want to take the baby out in the car.

graco sky car seat
Car seat & base

We have a Ford Fiesta, and providing you place the frame in a certain way, the frame will fit
and you can get a little shopping in with it too. We haven’t as yet tried putting the seat frame in yet as our baby is just 8 weeks old so we use the car seat in the frame when out and about away from home and using the car. I will be writing up a separate post on the Sky and the Ford Fiesta.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Graco Sky, I haven’t found any real faults with it at all,
except that I live in a flat on the 2nd floor, so carrying it up and down is a little heavy but other than that, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a travel system.

The price is very good and affordable at just £249.99 at the moment at Babies R Us for the pushchair and £89.99 for the car seat.

Please feel free to come and see our adventures with the Sky and read more about our review at

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  1. I had used Graco push chair when my daughter was small.. and I always loved it. though it wasn’t Sky! This sounds great. I would say this color is good for little ones and I was having a light shaded one and ended up all dirty in couple of months!

    Good luck!
    Nish recently posted…Yet Another….My Profile

  2. I have the Graco Sky in Sea Pine and although a fab stroller i would urge those who have purchased or are about to purchase to double check the safety bar clicks in. I have had to return 2 Sky’s due to a lock in fault which appears to be a moulding issue in certain batches. I am now on number 3 and fingers crossed this one does not appear to have the same issue.

    Other than that the Graco Sky is a fab stroller!!

  3. That’s really a thorough review, Rachel.

    Some Moms don’t know Graco’s history. In 1955, Graco introduced the Swingomatic®, the world’s first windup infant swing, and they followed it up with Pac N’ Play® portable playards, and the “Digital Baby Monitor.” All three of these Graco products are now legendary and are among the best-loved products ever.


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