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If you’re looking for a last minute fun idea for Halloween, the Googly Eyes game from University Games could fit the bill.
Googly Eyes is a brand new and hilarious drawing game from University Games involving crazy, googly glasses. The game challenges your vision and leaves you googling for more! You simply put on the zany, vision-altering google eyeglasses and start to draw whilst the team tries to guess what you’re drawing – and on a time limit! It’s perfect for the whole family and the zany, googly glasses are great for a Halloween themed party.
We were sent a copy of the game for review, and my boys aged 5, 6 (almost 7) and 8 have all enjoyed playing this together with us. The game is recommended for 7+, but younger ones can manage if playing together with older siblings and parents. You’ll need a minimum of 4 players, to allow you to split into teams – so it’s a good one for parties and get togethers when you have plenty of players available.


Once you open the Googly Eyes box, you will find:

  • The special glasses, with 3 types of lenses (colour coded for easy, medium and hard)
  • Timer
  • Paper pad
  • Board
  • Counters and dice
  • Word cards


The board is quite long, and is covered with coloured spaces to let you know which colour of lenses you’ll need to use for your turn – depending on when you land. It’s very simple to understand, and the board is very clear.


To play the game, each team takes turns with one player doing the drawing while their team mate(s) guess what the picture is, against the clock.

Drawing with the glasses on make it more tricky as it makes your vision more wobbly, and sometimes it can be really challenging, especially if you didn’t have an easy word to draw. If you’re unlucky to land on the square to draw it with your opposite hand than usual then that is the trickiest one. We had lots of laughs when Z landed on that, as his picture was basically just a load of lines as it was impossible!

My kids also really enjoyed wearing the silly glasses, as they look funny when on and they enjoyed trying the effects of the different lenses


The glasses fitted well on to all of us, from my 5 year old up to the adults too. I wondered if they would work when you already wear glasses, as my youngest and I do, but actually it’s fine – they fit over the top of your normal glasses quite easily, which means no one will get excluded from the game.


Googly Eyes is available for around RRP 19.99 – Currently 14.99 on Amazon


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