Glow in the Dark Space Painting

Glow in the dark makes everything more fun. To go along with our glowing solar system activity, we decided to make a space painting, and light it up with glow in the dark stars and planets. This has to be one of the easiest methods to make a glow in the dark picture, you don’t need any UV or any black light – just put the picture into a dark room and it will glow brightly straight away.

Glow in the dark space painting. Make a fun space picture that transforms into a glowing space theme when you put it in the dark


These space themed paintings look great in the dark, and in the light too. We painted the picture with the lights on, and once it was finished and dry, we took a look at it’s glowing transformation.

For this glowing space picture activity you will need:

  • Large piece of card or a canvas
  • Paint in space colours, like the dark night – black, purple, dark blue
  • Glitter (loose glitter or glitter glue)
  • Glowing stickers

First, we painted our card in the dark outer space colours, swirling the paint all around

black and purple paintThen, we spread it all over to cover the entire canvas and let it dry. Next, squeeze your glitter glue over the canvas, or sprinkle glitter onto the paint while it’s still slightly wet. This will make your night sky twinkle when you look at during the day time. We used blue glitter glue with some small star sequins inside, but use whatever glitter you have available.

making a space starry night sky picture


Once everything is dry, kids can cover the outer space background with the glow in the dark stickers to make their space scene. We added all the planet names too, in order.

outer space solar system painting art projectThen, take your picture into a dark room and watch it transform from a twinkly night sky scene into a glowing night sky.

glowing night sky picture


This fun 2 in 1 art project is a fun hands on way for kids to learn about space.

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2 in 1 space painting activity. A twinkly night sky, that also glows in the dark. Cool and fun idea for a space topic

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