GAMMA is the Kid-Proof Jacket for Busy Moms and Dads

Don’t you wish kids came with a warning? Like, when you go in for your first ultrasound, someone should tell you, “By the way, this kid is going to destroy everything you own.” Kids are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But they’re like little hurricanes that blow through your house on a daily basis.  One of the most costly casualties is clothing. When a new outfit gets drawn on, hurled on, or cut up with play scissors, it’s like money washing down the drain. 

That’s why we’re getting GAMMA jackets. GAMMA is made of graphene, the strongest material on the planet. It’s also stain-proof, antibacterial and waterproof—this thing is practically indestructible (aka KID-PROOF). Even better, GAMMA is an excellent insulator, so you can wear it all year round, from balmy spring days to frigid winter nights. It will keep you comfy in temperatures from 17˚ to -30˚C! 

GAMMA is the only jacket you’ll need for life. Not only will this save you lots of money and grief, but it’s also much better for the planet. 

How does GAMMA keep you comfortable in any weather and repel your children’s attacks? We’ll fill you in below. Or, you can check out GAMMA straight away on Kickstarter. If you pre-order yours before the campaign ends, you’ll save over 40% off a jacket! 

GAMMA’s Secret is Graphene

GAMMA might sound like magic. It can keep you warm or cool at any temperature. It’s waterproof, wind-proof, germ-proof and, of course, kid-proof! So, what’s the secret?  GAMMA is not made of down or cotton or whatever they put in those puffy jackets. It’s made of a new material called graphene. Graphene was just discovered in 2004, and it was such a huge find that it won its discoverers a Nobel Prize! Graphene is one of the most versatile and applicable materials ever discovered. It’s the strongest, thinnest and most flexible material on the planet. And this is despite it being just an atom thick. When graphene is added to clothes, it gives them loads of superpowers. Just look at what it does for GAMMA:

  • All-weather insulation: Stay warm or cool in any weather, all year round. Graphene distributes heat evenly around GAMMA, so you’ll stay warmer from your head to your fingertips. In hot weather, GAMMA keeps heat from building up and remains cool to the touch. 
  • Totally waterproof: Graphene is impermeable, so no amount of water, rain, or juice (launched from the other side of the table), will penetrate GAMMA.  
  • 100% wind-proof: Graphene is so impermeable that gas cannot get through it. Even on the windiest days, you won’t feel a chill. 
  • UV-proof: Light jackets don’t protect against UV rays, so your skin can actually burn through your jacket, especially if you have sensitive skin. This won’t happen with GAMMA. 
  • Moisture-wicking: During intense activity, such as jogging or corralling children, GAMMA will pull sweat from your body and release it on the exterior of the jacket. This will keep you cool and dry.
  • Antimicrobial: Kids are COVERED in germs. GAMMA will protect you from them. Graphene is immune to bacteria, mould, fungus, viruses and other harmful microbes. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Keep mites, pollen and ivy away! GAMMA will protect you whether you’re hiking through the woods or just taking a stroll outdoors during hay fever season. 
  • Odour-proof and stain-proof: GAMMA’s microbe-proof fabric won’t allow bacteria and mould to grow, preventing odours entirely—no matter how much drool or vomit ends up in your vicinity. Its impermeable barrier also prevents stains.  
  • Stronger than diamond: Give your kids scissors, knives and battleaxes (actually, please don’t!), GAMMA won’t suffer a scratch. It’s totally resistant to cuts, rips, fraying and punctures. 

Graphene gives GAMMA all of this kid-proof protection for LIFE. Its powers will never wash out or fade over time. 

And that’s not all. GAMMA has a few other tricks that enhance graphene’s abilities.

Built-in Heaters

Have you ever wanted to wear a heated blanket everywhere you went? Well, now you can! This isn’t so much a kid-proof benefit as it is an AMAZINGLY comfortable one for moms. GAMMA contains three built-in heating elements that activate with the touch of a button. All you have to do is put a power bank in one of the pockets and you’ll be able to heat your jacket for up to 12 hours. You can choose from three different heat settings from warm to hot. This means GAMMA can keep you warm in temperatures as low as -30˚C! 

But mostly, it means you can wear a cosy, heated jacket anytime. GAMMA doesn’t feel stuffy or develop “hot spots” like heated blankets either. Graphene evenly distributes the heat from the heaters, so you feel blissfully warm all over. 

The heaters are totally safe. They contain no electronic parts and can’t overheat. You can even fall asleep with them on without worry… which I plan to do!
100% Kid-proof . Your kids try to destroy just about everything. And they’ll try to destroy GAMMA too. But, to no avail! GAMMA has all of the bases covered when it comes to kids. It can’t be damaged by any normal means. It’s immune to germs, stains and odours. And it’s machine washable, so if it gets dunked in the mud, you can just rinse it and toss it in the washer. This isn’t just convenient. It can also save you loads of money (and grief). You won’t have to say goodbye to any ruined jackets ever again. And, you won’t need to buy any new ones either. GAMMA is your light jacket, your raincoat, your windbreaker and your winter coat all in one.

GAMMA Looks Great on any Occasion

You can wear GAMMA in any weather. And you can wear it anywhere. It looks great on the trail, at work, meeting friends and even at the club (if you ever make it back there!). The slimming, sporty design comes in men’s and women’s sizes. GAMMA has a number of convenient accessories too, including 10 pockets. Two of its pockets are hidden, which is super helpful when travelling. Also, it keeps all of your stuff protected from moisture, sun and cold temperatures. Additionally, GAMMA has a hood, drawstrings, a rain hem, and even built-in fingerless gloves. How cool is that?

Kid-Proof Your Life with GAMMA (And Get 40% Off)

How nice would it be to have a shield against the destructive force that is your children? Now, GAMMA can protect you from flying debris, random acts of crafting, unexpected sick spells and all those fun odours. GAMMA can handle anything, and it will protect that new blouse from biting the dust too. Aside from that, it will keep you warm or cool in any weather, and its built-in heaters are divinely comfortable on chilly days (and nights). 

The only issue is that GAMMA is a bit pricey. However, if you pre-order your jacket now, you can take over 40% off the retail price. That’s nearly £200 in savings for a jacket that will last you forever. How much will you spend on non-kid-proof jackets over the years if you don’t protect yourself now? Get GAMMA while it’s cheap and save yourself the grief! Find out more about graphene-infused clothes and pre-order GAMMA now at


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