Fun Backyard Play Ideas To Keep Kids Learning 

In recent years, it’s been found that 75% of children spend less time outside. The rise of technology and parents’ hesitance to let children play outdoors are some of the main reasons for this change.

A National Geographic study on outdoor play in the UK has highlighted the benefits of outdoor play when it comes to children’s physical and mental development.

If you want your children to play more outside, then take advantage of your backyard or garden. There are tons of activities that you can do with your kids that can keep them engaged and active. 

Some won’t even break the bank, and they can even help to enhance your child’s overall development. Here are some fun backyard play ideas to keep kids learning. 

Do a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are easy and engaging activities you can do with your kids. They can help children improve their problem-solving skills and they’re a fun way to get some exercise.

There are so many scavenger ideas you can do and a lot of free printables on the internet too. You can also make your own theme.

For instance, you can do nature themed hunts, where kids can find different bugs or different kinds of plants. You can also put together detective themed hunts, where they have to find clues that you hide in the backyard to solve a case.

Build a playhouse

Consider building a playhouse in your background. Playhouses will give your children their own space, where they can develop their creativity and improve their imagination.

With a playhouse, kids will get the chance to explore different roles and create their own stories, such as pretending to be a shopkeeper, a customer, or a parent.

There are plenty of playhouse ideas for your garden, such as a barn house or a small bakery. Your kids would probably love it more if you build it with them.

They can use household items that aren’t being used to decorate their playhouse, and doing so means that you won’t have to spend so much getting new items.

Outdoor art studio

If you want your children to explore their creativity more, then consider creating an outdoor art studio.

A Berkeley study in 2019 showed that children’s self-esteem is developed when they create art, as it gives them a chance to make something unique.

Doing outdoor art can also improve their engagement to nature and to people. Your kids can do rock paintings, leaf tracing, and any other art forms where they can use elements taken from nature.

There is also so much space to create bigger art activities, and kids will surely have fun knowing that they are allowed to create artistic mess, such as balloon popping paintings or squirt paintings.

Doing these in your background could also be less stressful for parents as it will be easier to clean up. You can even make the clean-up part of the fun with your kids.

Playing outdoors has a big impact on children’s development, so parents should encourage their children to go outside and play.

Outdoor play doesn’t have to be complicated activities, and they don’t have to cost a lot. Just remember that the activities you do should be interesting and engaging for your kids.

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