Free Trial & Win a 12 Months Subscription to Reading Eggs

If you’re looking for fun ways to support your child’s reading at home, Reading Eggs is a great option. This online programme supports children from the very basics until they become confident readers, and then they can move on to the next stage, Reading Express, and continue their literacy journey from there with more advanced texts and comprehension.

Reading eggs online reading programme for kids. This worked great with my kids, and you can get a free trial on the site

I wrote a full review of the programme a while back, and since then my younger two boys have been using the programme too, and I still stand my all of my positive words about it.

As most parents find, children are usually very keen to work with the computer or iPad so by directing the children to Reading Eggs, they can use their computer time in a really positive way. For my boys, it makes their reading and learning more exciting and they feel a big sense of accomplishment when they complete the lessons and move along in the programme.

With children starting school this September, or starting back for a new year in school, it’s a great time to introduce new learning routines and a Reading Eggs subscription would be a great choice for this time. We don’t do it every day – you can follow the programme along at your own pace, and even go back to repeat some lessons if you feel your child needs it.

Reading Eggs also offers support with Maths via their Mathseeds programme which teaches in the same fun and accessible style.

Free Trial

It’s well worth trying out Reading Eggs and seeing how your child gets on. They offer a free trial with no strings attached, but after trying it with my eldest I did decide to keep up the subscription.

Click here for your free 5 weeks trial of Reading Eggs and Mathseeds

Reading eggs free trial 2015


For your chance to win a 12 months of Reading Eggs and Mathseeds worth £47.95, enter via the Gleam competition widget below.
Reading Eggs

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45 thoughts on “Free Trial & Win a 12 Months Subscription to Reading Eggs”

  1. My son is 4. He’s never tried it, but we took out a subscription a few year’s ago for his older sister who got so much out of it!

  2. I’ve never tried Reading Eggs,to be honest I hadn’t heard about them,perhaps it’s because I don’t have young children but I do have young grandchildren.I love reading to my grand-daughter when she climbs up on my knee with a book.I love reading and I think it’s one of the best gifts you can give to a child.My daughter also loves reading and we read to Millie who’s three constantly and she loves books and can recognise words and letters now.It also gives them such a good start when they start school.I would love to win this to further encourage her x

  3. My children are all a little old for this now, but my friend’s daughter is 3 and seems pretty clued up to me, so this would be brilliant for her to get a head start!

  4. Reading Eggs is fab. We’ve been using it with our five year old for 18 months and now my three year old has asked for his own account. They really enjoy it!

  5. I haven’t tried reading eggs before but I have heard of it, my little girl is 4 and very eager to start reading.

  6. My son’s 7. We have tried it before- it is fantastic and I recommend it to all my friends. A years subscription would be amazing

  7. My son is 6 and has been using Reading Eggs for two years (subscription ends in November), he loves it. My daughter is 3 and has not tried it yet.

  8. My youngest is nearly 4! I used reading eggs with my eldest and they are now fluent at reading and love all books especially Ronald Dahl(she’s 6)


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