Free Printable Popsicle Template For Kids Crafts

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Summer is almost here and what better way to enjoy a hot summer day than with a fun and easy craft project? We are excited to share with you our latest free printable popsicle template.

This is a great way to get your kids involved in simple crafts that help develop their fine motor skills. Plus, the bright colors of your finished decorated paper popsicles are sure to add some fun to your summer decoration.

free printable popsicle templates for kids crafts

Our free printable popsicle template is available in 4 different versions and popsicle shapes that you can use to create your very own popsicle garland craft or bulletin board display.

This set of popsicle templates is perfect for kids of all ages, from younger children to older kids, and it’s an easy craft project that won’t require a lot of craft supplies or additional cost.

Free Printable Popsicle Templates for Summer Crafts

Popsicle template version 1

popsicle template for kids crafts

Popsicle template version 2

popsicle template for kids crafts

Popsicle template version 3

This version has a cheeky bite taken out of it

popsicle with a bite taken out of it template for kids crafts

Popsicle template version 4

This popsicle template has a slightly different shape similar to a rocket lolly or rainbow striped popsicle

popsicle template for kids crafts rocket lolly shape

How to Use These Popsicle Templates for Crafts

To get started, simply download our free printable template in PDF format below.

You can print it on white cardstock or colored paper for a fun summer theme.

Cut out the popsicle outlines using scissors, which is great for building scissor skills and fine motor skills for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Then if you want to attach real popsicle sticks, use glue or a glue gun to attach the craft sticks to the back of the cards.

If you want to add some extra details, you can use pom poms, green pipe cleaners, or even paint sticks to create different popsicle designs. The limit is endless! Add sequins, ribbon, colored washi tape or tape with patterns,

For younger kids, you can use a glue stick instead of a glue gun and let them have fun decorating their paper popsicles with markers or colored pencils.

For older kids, they can use scissors and make their own cuts to create unique popsicle shapes. Add some googly eyes or a black marker to create some art work.

You might also like to use our ice cream coloring pages as additional popsicle templates, as these can easily be adapted.

Download Popsicle Template PDF

Our free printable popsicle template is for personal use only, so feel free to use it for fun summer crafts at home or in summer camps. If you’re a teacher, you can also use this template to create fun bulletin boards or art projects for your students.

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We hope you enjoyed this free template and found it useful for all kinds of summer crafts. Please share with friends and family so that more parents and caregivers and use this free popsicle template with their kiddos. Thanks for your support.

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  1. This popsicle template is so cute! I love that there are different versions to choose from, and it’s great that the craft is simple and easy for kids of all ages. The possibilities for decorating are endless and it’s a fun way to add some summer vibes to your home or classroom. Thanks for sharing this free printable!


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