Free Printable Autumn Fall Writing Prompts for Kids

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Autumn is a season with of so much colour, perfect inspiration to get kids writing. You can make really simple Autumn poems and decorate them with leaves that you find during a nature walk.

Acrostics are a great for young children to think up their own simple poems, using the letter sounds as a prompt. Sensory poems are another great idea, where children are prompted to write about what they see, hear, taste, smell and feel during Autumn.

I’ve put together a couple of free printable packs full of Autumn poem templates, writing prompts and Autumn themed frames for children to write on this season.

The packs are split into black and white style, or full colour so that you can choose what’s best for you – or go for both!

Free Printable Autumn Writing Prompts packs, including poem templates for acrostic and sensory poems, bordered writing pages, and writing prompts

Table of Contents

Here are a few sample pages:

Autumn Sensory Poem Printable

Autumn, a season that envelops us in a riot of colors and a symphony of rustling leaves, is nothing short of poetry in motion. Our Autumn Sensory Poem Printable is designed to channel this rich sensory experience into words, offering an expressive outlet for children and adults alike. Engage your senses, welcome the hues of fall into your mind and let your words paint a vivid tapestry that is as comforting and warm as a cup of cider on a crisp autumn afternoon. Let’s embark on a journey of creative exploration that celebrates the season’s vibrant spectacle through poetic lines.

Autumn sensory poem printable prompt. What a fun sensory literacy idea for fall

Autumn Acrostic Printable Templates

Capture the essence of autumn, a season that mesmerizes us with its changing landscapes and cooling breezes, through the engaging format of acrostic poems.

Our Autumn Acrostic Printable Templates serve as a canvas to craft poems where each letter of the word ‘AUTUMN’ gives birth to a line, creating a piece that is both visually appealing and heartwarming.

It’s an exciting venture, especially for young learners, nurturing their creativity while helping them appreciate the beauty and nuances of this transitional season.

Let’s weave the golden hues of autumn into words that resonate with the season’s spirit.

Full colour Autumn Acrostic printable template. Fun literacy idea for fall, introduce kids to acrostic poems
Autumn acrostic printable template. Fun fall poetry literacy idea for kids

Simple Autumn Writing Prompt

Write about Autumn and colour the leaves

Autumn beckons with its warm, golden hues and crisp, fresh air. The “Write about Autumn and colour the leaves” section offers a delightful dual activity that stimulates both the creative and artistic facets of young minds.

Starting with the prompt “I like autumn because…”, children can delve into their personal experiences and observations of autumn, transforming them into colorful narratives.

Accompanying the writing activity, the leaf coloring segment further allows them to visually express their feelings towards this enchanting season, fostering a holistic celebration of autumn in both words and colors.

I like Autumn because... writing prompt for kids. Practise writing, and colour the fall leaves

Plain borders

Use for whatever Autumn themed writing activities you have planned.

Sometimes, all you need is the whisper of leaves and the caress of a gentle breeze to inspire creativity.

Our plain writing pages adorned with beautiful autumn leaf borders provide a serene backdrop for individuals to pen down their thoughts, stories, or poems that resonate with the autumn season.

The leafy frames serve as a quiet reminder of the beauty and tranquility that autumn brings, encouraging writers to immerse themselves in the richness of the season, allowing thoughts to flow as freely and gracefully as leaves falling from the trees.

It’s a blank canvas awaiting to be filled with the golden hues of your imagination.

printable stationary. Autumn leaf border writing page printable

Download Free Printable Autumn Writing Prompts

Click below to download the packs of writing prompts, either black and white or full color versions – whichever you prefer

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