Football Merchandise for Sports Clubs

As a Football fan, we always want to provide the best support for our football club, whether it be for the Sunday league team down the road or your mainstream football team.

Some football crazy fans will go the extra mile to fully dedicate rooms in their house to the club with bed linen, stickers, and posters, you name it!

But for the majority of people, purchasing little things like mugs, hats, scarves are usually enough to show our gratitude.

So, if your football club isn’t already making use of promotional merchandise, or perhaps you want a revamp, then consider using this shortlist as a guide to the best football merchandise to consider for sports clubs.

Club Scarves

The staple of football all over the world is your club’s scarf; it is worn to games, waved around in praise, and sold at every mainstream team there is.

For those reasons, it is vitally important that the scarf(s) you decide to put out there are ones that you will be proud to have to represent your club, both in colours and the crest.

Simplicity is key with football scarfs, but at the same time, it’s important to have a design that is unique and memorable.

The scarf’s colours should represent your club; when someone sees the scarf, they should immediately recognise it as your club. It is also worth considering including the club crest somewhere on it, especially if you are a less known team; this helps associate the colours with the crest.

If you think of huge teams like Borussia Dortmund, who use a vibrant yellow and black colour scheme, it is a team that you will see coming from a mile away because of the colours.

Ensuring that the scarf is of exceptional quality is equally important. When someone buys a scarf, they expect to wear it for years to come, so making sure it lasts a lifetime and provides comfort at the same time couldn’t be stressed enough.

If you are stepping foot into the merchandise world, then scarves should be at the top of your list. Already have merchandise, ensure that it is up to standards or else consider a revamp.

Water Bottles

Now it’s time to move on to the more customisable stuff. Many people use a water bottle on a day-to-day basis, but very few are actually emotionally attached to it and simply wouldn’t think twice about leaving it behind at the gym or at work.

But if it is their very own club branded water bottle, then I guarantee they won’t make the same mistake again!

Investing in some custom club water bottles with your crest embedded in them is a fantastic way to sell affordable merchandise to the fans.

But not only that, but it also provides you with a great source of advertisement, giving that the buyers will take it to their office, or perhaps the gym, other people will see it and remember the crest that is your club.

So why not invest in some high-quality eco-friendly water bottles and have your team’s badge printed right in the middle of it. It is a fantastic piece of merchandise.


An increasingly common piece of football attire nowadays is a snood. Snoods are easy to slip on and off easily during training sessions or even a game, they act as a scarf minus all the hassle.

Particularly on the freezing cold days of winter, you can pull it above your nose and mouth to keep yourself nice and warm during sessions. Some modern snoods can even act as balaclavas now too!

In terms of merchandise, why not create your own custom snood for support and players to enjoy taking to the games and training sessions? 

Club Snoods offer this exact service, and thanks to their team of professional graphic designers, they can customise your snood to exclusively match your club crest.

There’s no better support than customised support, so check out club snoods and show off that team logo!

Hat & Gloves

 A hat and gloves are essential during the winter season; almost everyone wears them. So why not have your supporters decked out in your club branded gear?

Whether they are hand knitted by a kind member of staff or supporter, or if they are bought in, slapping your team’s crest on the knitwear is a fantastic way to brand your team and give your supporters more ways to represent the club when turning up for games.

Start small by ironing on a club sticker onto the knitwear, or if you have more of a budget, why not get them professionally sewn on to provide the best quality for your supporters.

To Conclude

Clothing is always a fantastic avenue to go down for selling merchandise, but it’s also worth considering everyday items like water bottles.

They are a great way to get your club brand out there. Think outside the box; there are more ways to sell merchandise than you may think!

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