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A new trampoline park has come to North London, and we were really excited to try it out! Flip Out Brent Cross has just opened in April and is more than just a trampoline park, with a challenging Ninja course, a laser maze, a trick park and more!

We’ve been to a couple of other trampoline parks (although a little further out, so it’s great to have this more locally within North London) but Flip Out was much more impressive to me and to the kids. It’s very well designed so that you can keep an eye on the kids really well, and easily navigate all of the different sections. I also loved the decoration, which has an East Asian theme around the trampoline area, and then a graffiti theme on some of the other walls. Everything is very clean and fresh.

Flip Out can accomodate up to 150 jumpers at a time, and you can book one hourly or two hourly slots, with one hour being 12.50 each. It would also be brilliant for kids birthday parties, and they have themed Earth, Wind, Fire and Water party rooms available for that purpose.

My boys are age 5, 7 and 8 and all had a brilliant time at Flip Out. We would definitely take them again. Their dad also had a great time jumping with them, and it made a great active family activity for all of us. It’s really good for the age group of my kids, and I can see us coming here quite often as it’s a bit more grown up than soft play but a really good way for them to use up some energy. As spaces are limited, it doesn’t seem to get too over crowded and it’s strictly one person per trampoline. There are safety staff around to make sure that’s adhered too, which is reassuring to see.

If you’re not jumping yourself (like me, as I have a 5 month old to look after) then there’s a comfortable cafe with seating where you can watch the Ninja warrior course, or you can go upstairs to the viewing platform and look out over the whole trampoline area.

The Ninja course is something really different that we haven’t seen at any other trampoline parks, and it gives a bit more of a challenge for all ages! Z (age 8) had a great go at it and even managed to complete it (unlike his dad who didn’t quite make it!!)

Watch our video of the Brent Cross Flip Out Ninja Course…

The laser maze was also a hit with the boys, and I really want to try it myself next time. You can also jump into the foam pits, or try battling with an opponent which my kids love.

There’s also a separate jumping area for under fives, and tailored trampoline classes are set to be introduced over the coming weeks, with activities including Flip Fit, Little Ninjas and Mini Flippers. I really like the idea of the under fives sessions, so will be looking out for that once little N is up and walking!

I would totally recommend trying out Flip out Brent Cross if you’re looking for a trampoline park in London, or stuck for something fun to do with the kids on the weekend or over half term.

Visit the website for more details, or to book a session.


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