Five Reasons Why Train Travel Is A Better Alternative To Driving

One of the most popular forms of public transport for leisure, commuting, or even a weekend getaway, trains are used by travellers up and down the UK.

There are a variety of reasons train travel makes a better alternative to driving, and we’ve chosen five of the best below:

It’s more convenient

While 80% of all adults (age 17 and over) in England held a full car driving licence in 2020, not everyone can – or wants to – drive a car.

Especially for those heading on a road trip, train travel is much more convenient for everyone involved.

There doesn’t have to be a designated driver, you don’t have to find anywhere to park, and you don’t have to drive through often chaotic city centres or along busy motorways to get to your destination!

It’s safer

While it depends on individual circumstances, car travel currently remains overall more dangerous than rail – and for a variety of reasons.

Trains are generally taken more care of than cars, which rely instead on the owner maintaining them and taking them in for service.

Since trains travel on their own tracks, there are also no oncoming vehicles that might cause a hazard like on the road.

Overall, transportation by train has remained one of the safest modes of transportation so far.

It’s more comfortable

No one wants to be the one who is squashed in the middle of the back seat.

But with train travel, all the seats are equally as comfortable, and let’s face it, probably a whole lot bigger than a car seat as well.

You just need to make sure you manage to nab one in the window so you can see the views as you go past!

It’s more environmentally friendly

Travelling by train is the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

While travelling by car is notorious for high carbon emissions and electric cars are expensive and don’t last too long before needing to be charged, trains have a much lower impact on the environment – meaning you don’t have to feel guilty while you’re on your latest holiday.

It’s easier and quicker to reach your destination

The UK is extremely well-connected by train, and there are a massive number of rail routes up and down the country.

With stations in the majority of big cities and even in smaller towns, more often than not you can get to your destination directly.

Train travel is also significantly quicker than going by car – a journey from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly takes just two hours on the train, compared to roughly four by road.

Whether it’s commuting to work or escaping your 9-5 for a quick trip away, these five reasons show how train travel is a much better alternative to driving.

So the next time you go to get into your car, consider completing your journey by train instead. 

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