Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup Speeders Launcher Review

My boys have been fans of Octonauts since it first came out on CBeebies. I think it’s a great show so I’m really happy to encourage their interest in it. We were sent the Fisher Price Octonauts Gup Speeders Launcher to review along with 3 extra gup speeders and they have been having lots of fun with it!

Fisher Price Octonauts Gup Speeders Launcher toys

The gup speed launcher allows you to launch the Octonauts and their Gup vehicles off into action. You place the octonaut vehicle on the base of the launcher and then just press down the octo alert at the top and they shoot away down the ramp. I wondered how fast and how far they would go, and was actually pretty impressed with how effective the launcher is. They will travel quite a distance!

Fisher Price Octonauts Gup Speed Launcher

Fisherprice Octonauts toys

Here’s Mr R demonstrating what to do! It’s pretty simple so can be easily operated up even by the youngest Octonauts fans.

The launcher comes with the special silver Gup-B with Kwaazi riding in it as you can see above.

Fisher Price Octonauts gup speeders launcher

This is Mr R’s concentrating face! That’s because the toy had really grabbed his attention 🙂

I am really pleased with how well made and sturdy the launcher is. Sometimes character based toys can be a little flimsy and don’t stand up to a lot of boisterous play but I can see this lasting very well. Fisher Price is a brand that I’ve always trusted, whether for baby products or children’s toys so I do expect good quality from them and the Octonauts range seems to live up to that very well.

The Octonauts mini gup speeders are about the size of a matchbox car and feature wheels on the bottom which is what allows them to travel so fast off the launcher. They come in 8 different varieties, not including the special silver gup B that comes with the launcher.

octonauts mini gup speeders

We were sent Peso, Captain Barnacles and Kwaazi as you can see here. The detail on the mini gup speeders is pretty good, they are all definitely immediately recognisable from the TV show and the boys loved them straight away!

octonauts mini gup speeder peso

What I really like about this toy is that it appeals to all 3 boys. Often now Mr Z will consider himself too old for the toys that the younger two boys like (he’s 6 next month) but he really likes these and took it up to his room to play with it. It’s something that they can all play with together and that will have a long lasting appeal as it works just as well for 2 year old as a 5 year old. Launching the mini gup speeders is a pretty simple concept but most children love things that will go fast, and things that they can race so it’s not something that they will tire of too quickly. Mr Z likes to launch one, and then launch another to see who will go further.

If you have a long empty space in your house with wooden floor then this may be the best place to play with the launcher, like the hallway or any coridoor of your house – then they can really see how far the gup speeders can go! It is also fun even on a table though and it does still work on carpet.

You can buy these from most good toy shops but if you want to order online here are the links for your convenience 🙂

Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup Speeders Launcher

Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup Speeders

They are currently £9.99 for the launcher and £4.99 for each gup speeder which seems reasonable to me!

Do you think your kids would like these? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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