Fisher Price Dance n Shout Mickey Review

Dance n Shout Mickey is an interactive plush Mickey Mouse toy from Fisher Price.  He sings and dances, and can play Mickey Says and Freeze Dance and he is lots of fun!

My younger boys are massive fans of Mickey Mouse, and I have to admit I’m quite keen on him myself so we were excited to try out this new Dance n Shout Mickey toy. Mr R could hardly wait to get him out of the box, as soon as he saw Mickey in his packaging he already loved the look of it.


To activate Mickey, you press the button on his shoe (which is very easy for young children to activate) and then he will start his singing and dancing routine. He moves through different sounds and games and the boys were keen to join in with him straight away.

The Mickey Says game is just like a traditional Simon Says game, but with Mickey Mouse and Freeze Dance is like musical statues. If you place Mickey down on the floor then all the children can join in together with these games which is a fun way to get some active play indoors in the cold winter months. Mr R loves to carry Mickey around the house with him and play with him as a cuddly toy too.

IMG_1918The boys really laughed a lot with this toy, especially Mr R (3) and I think any child of the recommended age of 2 and up would definitely enjoy this if they are a Mickey Mouse fan. It’s a very lively and cute toy, and seems to be pretty sturdy and durable.

Here’s a quick video of Mr R and his Dance N Shout Mickey so you can see it in action:

Dance N Shout Mickey is available from many toy shops including Amazon (affiliate).

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