Felt Hedgehog Sewing Craft for Kids

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Hedgehogs are one of the cutest little woodland animals, and with their distinctive shape they make an ideal creature for children’s crafts.

My daughter loves these small, cute and cuddly animals so we decided to make this simple hedgehog craft together. With the sewing element, this craft is also a really good way to work on fine motor skills and give little hands and fingers a bit of a challenge.

Hedgehog craft for kids felt sewing with free printable template to use

Developing Fine motor skills is important for children developing their hand writing skills as they get older. Sewing can be tricky but rewarding for young children, and little ones will likely need plenty of help and supervision with this activity, but will gain a huge sense of accomplishment from the task.

sewing felt hedgehog craft

Felt Hedgehog Craft Materials

For this felt hedgehog craft you will need the following supplies

  • Brown coloured felt sheets – two different shades, lighter and darker brown.
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (brown thread is ideal)
  • Glue
  • Cotton wool for Stuffing
materials for hedgehog felt sewing craft

Method – How to make the Felt Hedgehog Craft

First you will need to use the template to create your hedgehog shape. Print and cut out the outline from page 1 of the template then use this to draw around on your lighter brown felt, and also cut around that.

hedgehog outline craft template

You will need to create two copies of the felt shapes from page one of the template and place these on top of each other as you are going to sew these together.

adding cotton wool stuffing

Once the two sides are mostly sewn together, you will be able to add some of the cotton wool stuffing in between both sides of the hedgehog.

cutting thread

Cut and thread the brown thread into the needle and tie a knot at the back to prevent the thread slipping out while your child sews the pieces together. If you pre-punch the holes into the felt this will make the sewing task much easier.

Once you have sewn the two hedgehog outline shapes together, use the second page of the template to create the second layer of spikes in your darker brown felt.

hedgehog craft template top layer

After cutting this shape out, use glue to attach this to the top of your hedgehog.

hedgehog craft

To make the hedgehog’s nose and eye, you can use circles of felt or use a googly eye for the hedgehog’s eye if you prefer.

Hedgehog Craft Template

To make the felt Hedgehog craft easier, we have put together a simple Hedgehog craft template that you can use.

Print out the template and use this to draw around your felt to create the hedgehog shapes needed for this fun woodland animal craft.

Click the black “download” button above for a free instant digital download of the Hedgehog craft template file.

You can also use this Printable hedgehog outline template as a hedgehog colouring page, or for other simple hedgehog crafts like decorating with leaves or scrunched tissue paper.

All About Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are not only adorable but also very charismatic. They are about the size of a guinea pig and spend most of their time on the ground hunting for insects.

Here are a few fun hedgehog facts to share with your kids while making this craft together

  • Hedgehogs do not hibernate but they can get sluggish in cold weather. When it is colder than 20 degrees Fahrenheit (about -7 degrees Celsius) hedgehogs will spend most of their time sleeping in dens, burrows, or even piles of leaves.
  • Hedgehog babies are born with soft quills which help protect them while they are young and vulnerable to predators like foxes, birds, and badgers. Once they reach about three months old their quills harden into adulthood.
  • The name hedgehog is derived from the old English words “hegge” meaning “hedge” and “hogge” meaning “pig.” Though they are not related to pigs
  • Hedgehog’s diet mainly consists of insects and plants which they find by looking through the ground with their feet and snout.

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Hedgehogs are perfect for an Autumn or a Woodland theme or topic. You might like to combine this felt Hedgehog sewing craft with these simple Autumn, Fall, Woodland crafts for kids

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fine motor hedgehog craft. sew a felt hedgehog with free printable hedgehog craft template
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