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You can’t have missed the recent release of the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, set in Harry Potter’s wizarding world, but in America and in the past! Fantastic Beasts is a great way to expand the stories of JK Rowling’s world even further, and I can’t wait to see it – we’re having to wait til it’s out to rent though, as our baby will be here any day now, and I think it’ll be best to watch at home with the kids just in case the younger ones get scared at any point (although I have been told it’s not darker or scarier than the later Harry Potter movies, which they have watched and enjoyed)

While we’re waiting to watch the movie, we’ve been checking out some newly released Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them products and merchandise.


The Fantastic Beasts products shown here include:

Any of these would be a great present or stocking filler for any Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts fan. We particularly liked the book range, especially:

The Magical Movie Handbook, to help fill you in on all the details and background of the characters and story of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. There’s lots of new things for fans to get to grips with in this new movie, as it introduces a new Wizarding school, new houses, and of course lots of new fantastic beast species! The book is colourful with plenty of photos alongside the information, to make it accessible to all ages of fans.


The Fashion Sketch Book, which is a really interactive and fun book encouraging you to get creative and use your imagination to really immerse yourself into the fantastic beasts world, with tasks like designing and colouring bottles for potions..img_5553or more fashion based tasks that explore the historical style of the movie


The sticker book is also really nicely presented, with places for you to add all of the stickers you’ve collected, and it’s clearly numbered so you know which ones you still need to collect to fill up the entire collection.


All of the Fantastic Beasts products we received are great quality, with beautiful high quality images and lots of detail.

We were sent all of these Fantastic Beasts products in order to review. 

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  1. A fantastic movie. I really liked this. Harry potter and fantastic beast are two categories all together. Without comparison if you go to watch then this will surely be a treat to y’all.


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