Drumond Park Dig In Game Review & Giveaway

Drumond Park have some great family games, and I have another fun one to share with you today – with a chance for one lucky reader to win one of these in time for Christmas! The game is Dig In: The irresistible game of instant, frantic, finding fun!


Dig In is quite different than any other games we have. The idea of the game is that each player must take 15 seconds turns with the timer as they race to find all of the pieces on their cards. The player who fills their board first is the winner. To find the items you need, you have to rummage in the big dish which is in the centre of the playing area and contains lots and lots of small items in four different colours. We really liked the detail of all the little pieces, they’re very appealing to rummage through and explore


When playing Dig In, there are two versions of cards that you can use:

  • Coloured cards so you need to find the item in the specific colour
  • Greyscale cards so you can find the items in any colours


We mainly play the colour version, as it’s more colourful and cheerful but the grey version is a bit easier if you want to keep things simple.

Dig In is recommended for age 8+ as it can get quite frantic, but I played with my younger kids too and found they were able to follow the concept of the game easily. With younger players it works well to keep the game a bit smaller like playing one to one with a parent, as that can be less fraught than playing competitively with siblings, whereas with older kids you can easily go for a larger group and it’ll be a fun game for parties or gatherings.


For more information and stockists visit www.drumondpark.com.


For your chance to be the lucky winner of the Dig In game, RRP £19.99, enter via the Gleam widget below

Dig In

Good luck!

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  1. This looks like a real fun game to play with all the family – apart my two year old who would love to eat and throw the bits around lol

  2. I think that Dig In looks like great fun. Although it is aimed a 8+ I think that younger children would be able to manage an adapted version. Possibly without using the buzzer. Great family fun


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