Dough Nab Game Review

Dough Nab from Ginger Fox is a fun and fast paced game for all the family. The aim of the game is to grab the doughnuts at the right moment and be the first player to get rid of all your cards.

I played this game with my boys aged 8, 9 and 11 and it was enjoyed by all. The fast pace of the game leads to lots of laughs, and it can get quite competitive. The rules of the game are very easy to pick up, so it only takes a minute for everyone to get up to speed and get going with the Dough Nab fun.

The Doughnut theme was a hit with my kids, and works really well throughout the game with the box even looking like a doughnut box and you get a chef’s hat for the winner to wear! The game includes three realistic ring doughnuts which you will be aiming to grab throughout the game, and then lots of different coloured doughnut cards which you take it in turns to place down to affect the play. You also get a turn tracker which is a clever idea, to pass from player to player so you don’t forget who’s go it is.

The cards include colours  matching the three main doughnuts, along with special cards like the Nab and Don’t Nab cards, magic doughnut which can be matched with any card, or the crumbs card which can not be matched. We found the Nab and Don’t Nab cards added lots of fun to the game as sometimes players would mix them up and rush to grab on the Don’t Nab, then to find themselves ending up with a huge pile of cards as a penalty.

We would definitely recommend Dough Nab for family fun. It’s recommended for age 8+ and can be played with between 3-6 players. Dough Nab is available from retailers including Amazon for around 19.99

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