5 Benefits of Riding a Scooter Vs a Motorbike 

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Without a doubt, cursing on an open road with the wind hitting your face is a very refreshing feeling. When it comes to riding a scooter or a motorbike, there are some benefits each of them provides. However, the popularity of scooters is constantly increasing. Due to the safety and convenience of commute they provide, scooters are becoming the more common method of transport. 

If you are looking to buy a two-wheeler, let me tell you why a scooter is a better choice for you. 

Ease of Learning

First and foremost, learning to ride a scooter is far easier than learning a motorbike. With a manual transmission, motorcycles can become very complicated for people who are driving them for the first time. On the other hand, most scooters are automatic, and therefore you don’t need a lot of skills to master riding a scooter. Scooters also provide a leg guard, and the front end serves as a barrier to protect you in case of an accident. 

Price Range

The second thing you should consider is your budget. New motorcycles can be very expensive, and their price can range from about £2500 to as much as £200,000. Whereas scooters are very affordable and can cost up to £1500. If you want the best scooter deal, Direct Bikes offer 50cc and 125cc scooters with 12 months of parts warranty so that their customer feel assured that they are getting their money’s worth. 


Where both motorbikes and scooters require proper protective gear and safety measures, scooters provide its riders with a lot more safety. Over speeding is the most major causes of accidents on roads. Scooters hit about 40-50 mph whereas motorbikes can exceed 100mph barrier. If you have a scooter and are looking to buy one, it is optimal that you learn how to ride it first and get moped insurance. It covers any liabilities that you might have to pay for injuries you cause to others as well as damage to their vehicle. 

Fuel Efficiency

The next benefit of having a scooter is that they are more fuel-efficient. They can average up to 130 mpg, which is a lot more when compared to 50-60 mpg of motorcycles. This saves you a lot more money and proves to be a good investment in the long run. 

Moreover, most people are going for electric scooters which are perfect not only for the rider but also for the environment. They make commute even easier and cost-efficient as you don’t have to spend a fortune on fuel. With no harmful carbon emissions and no fuel tank, they are much safer than bikes. 

More Space

Scooters offer more space when compared to a bike. With more than enough space under the seat to put groceries or bag, scooters make city commute more efficient and practical. Most motorcyclist complaint about their items and helmets being stolen when they park it somewhere. With a safe, lockable space, you don’t have to worry about your possessions and can park your scooter without any tension. 


If you decide to purchase a Scooter make sure to do your research. There are plenty of options out there and you can read some scooter reviews to see read through other peoples experiences and choose what better suit you and also your budget. We hope this article helped you!

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