Dora and Friends Party

Last week we took part in a Dora and Friends Twitter party to celebrate the premiere of the new show Dora and Friends : Into the City. While the Twitter party was going on, we were having some fun at home too with a little party of our own! I thought I’d share some pictures of how we got on with our Dora and Friends activities at home.

dora and friends party

We had lots of fun with a pinata, party games, Dora themed colouring, party food and of course watching the premiere of the new Dora and Friends show as it aired on Nick Jr. There was a count down running all day which added to the anticipation for our party goers!

dora and friends twitter party activitiesHere you can see the countdown screen in the top left, along with the fun flower themed Pinata in the bottom left. This totally appealed to boys just as much as girls as they loved bashing it to get their goodies. This is actually the first time we’ve tried a pinata! It wasn’t super easy for the kids to break, and did take a while but was great fun and definitely something we will continue including in parties in future.

We had a red carpet for the “premiere” feel, and had fun walking down it with our special tickets. After that, the kids decided to sit on it to do their colouring! I thought why not, since it did give them a defined area for that activity and keep everyone’s colouring in one place so it worked pretty well.

If you would like some Dora and Friends colouring sheets or printables for your own kids, you can download some from here:

Dora and friends Printables on Nick Jr

dora and friends twitter party activitiesThe kids also had fun decorating fairy cakes with pink strawberry frosting and lots of sprinkles. Yum! They all enjoyed their sweets and goodies from the pinata and pass the parcel too.

dora and friends party goodie bags

dora party accessories


Our Dora and Friends party was a lovely fun filled afternoon.

We also used some of the party supplies (like the leis) to make a non messy tactile and visual sensory tub, which I will share with you all in a new post soon!

To find out more about the new Dora and Friends show, check out my previous post on Dora and Friends.

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