Doodle Bear Magic Glow Review

Doodle Bear is one of those toys I remember really wishing for during the 90s. One of my school friends had it.. how jealous was I! They seemed so fun and cool. So, I was pleased to find out that Doodle Bears are still around! But in a new and updated version.

Mr T (just turned 5 years old) had the chance to review a Doodle Bear of his own, and we have both enjoyed playing and doodling on our new bear.

doodle bear magic glow


This is the Doodle Bear Magic Glow which comes with two pens, a double ended drawing / stamper pen and a magic glowing pen. The bear is in a pink design called “Starr” and not available in other colours but Mr T seemed happy enough with it. Pink is not his favourite but he was too interested in colouring the bear to be at all bothered by the colour.

IMG_1990Mr T loves colouring and drawing, so was very excited by the chance to draw on his bear. I did of course explain to him that this is a special bear, and other bears can not be drawn on like this one. That seemed to work fine, as he did stick only to this bear and didn’t get confused and decorate any of his others!

IMG_1997He enjoyed stamping, colouring and writing his name on the bear. Now, no-one could mistake his bear for theirs since it’s fully personalised! It’s great fun for children to be able to add their personality to a new cuddly friend like this.

IMG_2000As you can see, there was plenty of concentration in how to decorate the doodle bear.

We also tried the magic glow pen, and although we could see a feint hint of the glow coming out of the pen when drawing, we didn’t find these drawings glowed much in the dark which was a bit disappointing for Mr T but he did still enjoy the doodle bear. This pink pen is the magic glow pen as you can see in the picture below.

IMG_2002Once you have decorated the doodle bear, you can wash in the washing machine and then decorate again as many times as you like.

The doodle bear is fun to decorate and fun as a cuddly toy to snuggle at bed time or to use for role play, taking care of the little bear.

Doodle Bear Magic Glow is available on Amazon with an RRP of £24.99 (currently reduced, prices may fluctuate)

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