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Drumond ParkWe always love to play and try out new games, and recently the boys have been sent Doh Nutters from Drumond Park. This is a game for ages 4+ for 2-4 players. Doh Nutters is a classic Drumond Park game which has been refreshed for 2013, so it may look familiar! I had never played this before, and nor had the boys. Mr Z had been noticing adverts for it on the TV recently so he was very happy to try!

drumond park doh nuttersInside the box you get four brightly coloured elephant masks, a game board and 3 doh nut rings of each colour. The idea of the game is very simple – whoever picks up all 3 of their coloured doh nuts first is the winner. However, it’s trickier than it sounds, as you can only use your elephant trunk to do so!

All the players attempt this at the same time, so it can get a bit crazy and loud as the children get excited picking up their doh nuts! If you find this is too much with younger children, you could also play a more controlled version of taking it in turns although you will lose some of the crazy spirit of the game!

doh nutters elephant masksWearing the masks was very funny to the children. If you do have children under 4 years wanting to join in, then the masks will be quite big for them. It’s a generous size so it does easily fit onto adults too – which is good as the children did want me to join in! I’m sure you can spot me as an elephant in the pics above!

The quality of the masks is pretty strong. One trunk accidently came out at one point and it went back in with absolutely no problems – they do seem to be able to handle a fair amount of wear and tear.
playing doh nuttersMr Z found it a little tricky to get the doh nuts without using his hands, so I have spotted him cheating a few times! But he more he practised, he found he was getting the hang of it. He was the definite winner as he was much better then me!

Overall its a fun game, one that is great for getting the children lively and may appeal to some active children more than a sit down board game. It is a very silly funny party atmosphere kind of game, which Mr Z enjoyed. Personally, there are other Drumond Park games which I like more – but it is the children’s opinion that’s more important and Mr Z had a lot of fun! I do really like that its quite different and adds some variety to our game collection.

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170 thoughts on “Doh Nutters Review & Giveaway”

  1. Definitely the kids, I am really not co-ordinated at all, they’re forever laughing at me with my terrible aim when throwing, being unable to catch and generally being a health and safety nightmare!

    • I want to say me but i know that wont be the case as my kids seem to win most games lol

      (sorry for some reason it posted before i had finished)

  2. I’d be playing this with my little Mitch, I’d probably win as he is very clumsy haha but I’d give him a fair chance! πŸ™‚ x


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