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bonne-maman-logo bonne maman fruit potsRecently we were sent over some Bonne Maman fruit pots to try. These come in Raspberry, Apricot, Cherry or Peach. Each pot contains fruit gently cooked, with just a touch of sugar added. Each pack contains two pots both of the same flavour.

I have been testing these out myself rather than giving them all to the kids. Sometimes I am quite busy rushing round after the children all day, so one of these makes quite a handy quick snack while on the go. I enjoyed the taste of all the varieties, my favourite would have to be the peach fruit pot but all of them are nice and I like the variety they have available within the range.

I like the look of the packaging as its quite stylish and grown up, so rather than just eating one of the children’s yoghurts or something it feels like something nice for me.

These also work well for a dessert in the evening. Once the children are in bed if I fancy something sweet after dinner, one of these in nice in a dessert bowl with some meringue, some whole fruit or any other garnishes makes a lovely treat and doesn’t feel too unhealthy.

If you were so inclined to give them to the children, they are the perfect size for lunch boxes – but as far as I am concerned, the children can stick to their fruit pouches and these are for me! 😀

The fruit does have some texture to it, so it will depend on the child whether they get on well with it. I would imagine most school aged children would be fine. We do have to be a bit careful with Mr T because he is not good with textures!

The fruit pots are available in Tesco which is where we do a lot of our grocery shopping anyway, so I will definitely look out for some more once all of ours are finished.

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