DIY Sensory Table Ikea Hack

We’re passionate about sensory play here at In The Playroom. Having set areas where you can easily set up a sensory bin and contain the mess makes it easier to include sensory play in your day more often, so I really love this DIY sensory table that has been made by customising Ikea furniture.

I’m welcoming Medina from Grillo Designs here today, to share this simple Ikea hack from their own playroom. If you enjoy this and are looking for more playroom ideas and fun DIYs for your home, you definitely need to follow them on Facebook. I’m always impressed by the creativity of their projects!

How to make your own sensory table. Awesome diy sensory table Ikea hack

Over to Grillo Designs:

I am a huge fan of ikea furniture. Not only is their furniture cost effective but there’s always room for creativity and redesign! Here is an example of this: I didn’t have the funds to buy an actual play table for my son so I decided to use the ikea lack table to make one! They can be bought from any IKEA store for £5 in a variety of colours. I used the standard white table for this hack.

What you will need to make the DIY sensory table

Ikea boxes Ikea lack table to use to make a sensory table

How to make your DIY sensory table

Saw off one quarter of the table, to remove the back legs so you are just left with 2 legs and a table of less depth. Whether  you choose to do  this step is your choice, however I was lacking floor space so this worked for me.

Using your pen, outline the shapes of the 2 boxes on the top of the table to give you an idea of where to saw. Bare in mind your actual outline should be slightly smaller than the actual box to ensure the boxes don’t fall through!

Use the outline and saw out two rectangle shapes with your saw. This is hard work by the way!

Once you are satisfied with your cuts out, use the glue gun around the border of your rectangles  (or cement tube or poly filler can be used for more sturdiness) and slip the boxes in to place.

boxes into the diy sensory table

Tape the edges of your outline with washi tape to hide any untidiness.

Paint table (my 2 year old helped me with this part so painting is not perfect)

image_7CSeal with varnish or  modpodge glue.

My son uses this table for sensory play, dried pasta/rice, balls, sand , waterbeads etc!

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diy sensory table ikea hack for the playroom

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