Gorgeous Ways to Display Kids Art Work

With three kids in the house, we have a constant stream of artwork and children’s drawings. I love seeing all the colourful and creative artwork that they come up with, but it can be hard to know how best to display it.

Our fridge is always covered in the boys’ pictures, and we have a cork board full in the kitchen too but sometimes you want to display their work in a way that looks a little more special.

Ways to display kids artwork or photos. This clip line frame is gorgeous

We were sent this photo clip line to try out from Red Candy, and I immediately thought that this would look beautiful with children’s artwork displayed, as well as working really well with family photos.

You can change the backing from white to black by turning the backing board around, which makes it easy to mix up the looks and use whichever compliments the artwork more.

We selected some of our favourite art projects and cut the work into similar sized squares for hanging. I think the effect looks great! And now we can enjoy seeing all of this artwork, rather than leaving it to sit tucked away in a basket or folder.

umbra clipline frame from red candy


The projects that you can see hanging up here are bubble gun painting, colour-mix painting, and glitter glue resist painting.

I love the effect of them hanging up on the little clip line – so cute! If you filled this frame with some of your kids best artwork, or family photos, it would make a lovely gift especially for relatives.

clip line photo frame

For more ideas on how to creativity display or re-use your kids artwork, why not try some of these suggestions:

Creative ways to re-use kids artwork These can make great DIY gifts with a personal touch

Re-using kids artwork is a great way to make some really unique and personal gifts, or just to preserve the artwork to enjoy in your home.

Clockwise from top:

Make Bookmarks

Make Magnets

Make Candles

Make Stickers

Make Cards

More ways to display kids artwork

Gorgeous ways to display kids artwork in your home

Clockwise from top:

This gorgeous display from Hands On As We Grow

Framed gallery wall from Caterpillar Years

Artwork gallery with tape from Real Simple

Artwork keepsake books from My Life and Kids

Chalkboard gallery from Artful Kids

5 thoughts on “Gorgeous Ways to Display Kids Art Work”

  1. That looks great, I have a similar, less professional method. I used a frame, tied string into it and used clips to hang the pictures. The problem I have is that it gets too full, I need a good storage place to keep them! 🙂 x

  2. The display looks beautiful! It’s great that you want to save your children’s artwork in a special way, so you should check out Keepy and you can look back on the artwork for years to come.


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