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disneyplanessoundtrackWe recently went to see the Disney Planes movie on our trip to Westfield Stratford City and we all really enjoyed it. This was no surprise as we do love Cars, and Disney in general so I was expecting it to be great and we were not disappointed.

Planes is the story of a little crop duster plane named Dusty Crophopper (voiced by Dane Cook) who has big dreams. He wants to become a racer and take part in the Wings Around the World Race. When another plane is disqualified for using illegal fuel, Dusty finds out that he has moved up to 5th place meaning that he has qualified to take part in the great race!

There are seven legs to the race and we see the highs and lows of Dusty and the other competitors as they all try their best to succeed, with Ripslinger even going to sneaky measures to try to sabotage Dusty’s chances.

We have been sent a digital copy of the Disney Planes soundtrack to review. The soundtrack includes 29 tracks, and is composed by Mark Mancina. Many of the tracks are instrumentals.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Nothing Can Stop Me Now
  2. You Don’t Stop (NYC)
  3. Fly
  4. Planes
  5. Crop Duster
  6. Last Contestant
  7. Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place
  8. Show Me What You Got
  9. Dusty Steps Into History
  10. Start Your Engines
  11. Leg 2 / Bulldog Thanks Dusty
  12. Skipper Tries To Fly
  13. Dusty & Ishani
  14. The Tunnel
  15. Running on Fumes
  16. Get Above the Storm
  17. Dusty Has to Ditch
  18. Skipper’s Story
  19. You’re a Racer
  20. Leg 7
  21. Skipper to the Rescue
  22. Dusty Soars
  23. 1st Place
  24. A True Victory
  25. Honorary Jolly Wrench
  26. Skipper’s Theme (Volo Pro Veritas)
  27. Love Machine
  28. Ein Crop Duster Can Race
  29. Armadillo

I found the soundtrack enjoyable to listen to. It is quite atmospheric and reminds you of all the different moments and moods within the movie. You can really hear the music tell the story. Skipper’s Story is a good example of this as you can feel the ups and downs within even this one track.

My favourite of the instrumental tracks is Dusty and Ishani. As it has a strong Indian influence the sound of this track is quite distinctive from the others and it is very atmospheric. During the movie this was played in the scene were Dusty and Ishani were flying around near to the Taj Mahal and this indicated the start of some blossoming romance between the two planes. I really liked the character of Ishani (Priyanka Chopra) who is a very sleek looking plane. She betrays Dusty by giving him the wrong suggestion to fly low through the mountains and he ends up dangerously flying through a disused train tunnel but you can see she regrets this and over all is a wholesome and great character.

One of the other really memorable tracks from the movie is Love Machine which is performed by Carlos Alazraqui and Antonio Sol. This is the song which the Mexican Plane El Chupacabra sings to win the heart of the French-Canadian plane Rochelle. It’s a great scene as El Chupacabra has been trying with no success to win her over for quite some time but his serenading with this song really turns things around!

I also really liked the first couple of tracks which are Nothing Can Stop Me Now performed by Mark Holman and Don’t You Stop (NYC) by Chris Classic and Alana D. These are full length songs with vocals. Nothing Can Stop Me Now is very positive and upbeat and has a rock feel to it. Don’t You Stop (NYC) is more R&B and has some rap from Chris Classic. That is more the style of music I normally listen to, but I enjoyed both of these and Nothing Can Stop Me Now fits in really well with the atmosphere of the Planes movie.

There is also Fly performed by John Stevens of the Dead Daisies. This song is less my taste but it does fit in perfectly with the movie, and fits well into the soundtrack.

I would have really liked it if the soundtrack also included some of the extra songs like this song by Ishani:

It is not actually in the movie, but it is great! And would have been a really nice extra.

The soundtrack can be bought from Amazon for £8.49 for the mp3 download and £18.50 for the audio CD* (which also comes with a free download or cloud streaming). You can also hear some clips of the songs on the Amazon product page so it is worth having a look. It is also available to download here via iTunes.

If you still haven’t seen Planes, have a look at the trailer here:

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