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Last weekend we went to the Gala screening of Disney Planes 2 Fire & Rescue in Leicester square. We had been looking forward to this movie for a while since the boys really enjoyed the first Planes movie, so we were all excited to see it. (Me too – I won’t pretend that I don’t like kids movies! 😀 )

Disney Planes 2 Fire & RescuePlanes 2: Fire & Rescue sees Dusty Crop hopper having a slight career change from racing, to fire fighting! The circumstances are all explained very clearly at the beginning of the movie though, so children wouldn’t be confused by it. Dusty damages his engine at the start of the movie, so he is unable to go beyond a certain speed otherwise he will crash! So when he hears that crop dusters can also work spreading fire retardant not only dusting crops, he decides to help out and step up for the role of fire fighter. Luckily by the end of the movie, they finally manage to fix Dusty’s engine so the opportunity is open for Dusty to race again.

Having Dusty as a fire fighter plane is a great way to bring in some variety to the planes theme. My children hadn’t really been aware of planes working as fire fighters before watching the movie, they always thought of the well known fire truck style fire fighters. The fire graphics and effects in the movie are all really well done and look great! Some of the team behind the movie came and spoke on stage before the screening and told us that just working on the fire effects had taken them two years! There has definitely been a lot of effort put into this.

Like the first Planes movie, and the Cars movies too, this film retains a lot of humour. Mr Z’s favourite character was Dipper because he said this is the funniest plane, and there were jokes there that the parents can appreciate too. Dipper is another plane in the fire fighter training and she has a crush on Dusty which brings a lot of funny moments.

PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE dipper and windlifterThis is Dipper here on the left and the other green plane is Windlifter. There’s a good mix of new characters and familiar characters from the first Planes movie.

While at the screening, Mr Z and Mr T had the chance to take part in the new Save the Day game, where children get the chance to play as a member of the Piston Peak Air Attack Team. The game uses the soon to be released Kinect for windows software and was developed in partnership with Disney and augmented reality specialist Apache. The boys loved the game. It was great fun for them and during the film Mr Z pointed to one of the scenes and told me this is the same thing he did in the game, so I think that interactive element really helped to involve them in the whole thing.

You can Save the Day in action here – look out for Mr Z and Mr T in the video!

The ‘Save The Day’ Virtual Reality Game will appear in the following locations:

ODEON CINEMAS (from 21st July):
Kingston, Southampton, MetroCentre (Newcastle), Braehead, Trafford (Manchester), LiverpoolOne


Sunderland international Airshow (26th- 27th July), Camp Bestival (1st – 3rd Aug)
Bristol Balloon Fiesta (9th Aug)
Blackpool Airshow (10th Aug)

Watch the Planes 2 Fire & Rescue movie trailer here:

Planes 2: Fire & Rescue is out in Scotland on August 1st and August 8th in the rest of the UK. I would definitely recommend it as a fun cinema outing over the summer holidays. My boys are 2, 4 and 6 and all of them enjoyed the movie. It’s totally ideal for children of these age ranges.

For more fun at home, you can download lots of fun Planes 2 printable colouring and activity sheets over on the disney website


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