Disney Art Academy on Nintendo 3DS

Disney Art Academy is definitely one of our favourite new DS games. We already had the Pokemon Art Academy, and I’ve always been impressed with the format of these games and how the lessons guide you through the technique of drawing the characters, whatever your age. My kids and I all get a lot of enjoyment from these drawing games on the DS!

Since we enjoyed the Pokemon Art Academy, I was really interested to try out the new Disney version of the game and get the chance to draw some of our favourite Disney characters.

disney art academy nintendo ds

The game features a wide range of characters, from the classic Disney characters and Disney princesses, up to the more recent Disney Pixar characters, from movies like Inside Out and Finding Dory. The range of characters and choice of drawing projects is plenty to suit our whole family.

In total the game includes 80 beloved characters from Disney and Pixar’s best moviesfeaturing the legendary Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, and Big Hero Six’s Baymax

When you first start the game, your choice will be a little more limited as you work through the tutorials and each one that you complete opens more. This means that you learn the simpler techniques first, and can get the basics behind you before moving on to the more challenging projects. This system works well for my kids, to avoid frustration as they pick up the skills gradually and can manage better.

The 40 lessons are given by a friendly character, Professor Ian, and are inspired by the work of Disney artists and Pixar animation, to help develop your art skills.

The lessons system is really simple, with step by step instructions and it shows you examples that are a bit wrong too, to make kids laugh and feel more confident in their own work. It also shows you ways that you can customise the lessons and make your artwork with your own twist. It’s easiest to use the stylus on your DS when drawing, as it gives you more control than using your finger.


As you work through the lessons, you’ll use different mediums to paint and draw, and start to work with different layers and techniques like shading to add more effect. These skills can be transferred into paper too, as many of the ideas and techniques that kids pick up in the game can be replicated in their other drawings later on.


This game is a bit different to many of the other DS games we have, and I like that it caters to kids creative side. It’s nice for quiet time, and allows them to concentrate and then feel accomplishment with what they’ve produced. All of my boys enjoy this game, but particularly my 6 year old who is really into drawing and art. Any child who enjoys drawing would benefit from this DS game.


Here’s the first lesson that T (6 year old) did on Disney Art Academy, a basic Mickey mouse:


and here’s one of the slightly later ones. So you can see there’s plenty of progression with the lessons if they keep on practising with the game! You can save all of your work to your SD card so you can look back through them, or send them on to friends if you want.

drawing nemo on disney art academy

I would definitely recommend this game. It is one of our favourites on the DS!

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