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Dinotrux is a great new preschool TV series by Dreamworks, which you can watch on Netflix. If your children enjoy the show, then they are sure to be interested in the new range of Dinotrux toys too. We were sent the Dinotrux Power Revvitt toy to review and it’s been a big hit with my children, especially my 4 year old, R.

Dinotrux Power Revvitt toy

The Dinotrux Power Revvitt toy comes with sound effects and phrases from the show, and also features a tail-activated spinning drill head with interchangeable bits and a real measuring tape tongue. The measuring tape tongue is a favourite feature with my kids, they were so surprised to find that their Revvitt has a real tape measure and were amazed by it.

Dinotrux Power Revvitt

As you can see, there are three different drill bits in the back of Revvitt, as well as one in the head. These can be pulled out and swapped around, and are activated (to spin around) by pulling back the tail, which is easy for young children to do.

Dinotrux Power Revvitt with drill bits

The concept of Dinotrux is great, it’s something which instantly appeals to young children of this age group. My boys love dinosaurs, but these have a more interesting twist – combining the dinosaurs and the truck elements! The Dinotrux Power Revvitt toy is very well made, chunky and durable, and my boys enjoy it alot. I’m sure most boys of 3-5 years would love this toy!

If you haven’t seen Dinotrux, watch these YouTube videos to get an idea of the show

The Dinotrux Power Revitt is Priced at around RRP £29.99, and is Suitable for children of ages 3+. This toy is exclusive to Toys R Us until July.

Find our more about Dinotrux by visiting their Facebook page, Dreamworks website, or Netflix.

We were sent the toy in order to review.

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