Dinosaur Train Lights & Sounds Train with Laura

PrintTomy have some great toys available this Christmas, including a range of Dinosaur Train toys. My boys all watch this on Nick Jr, especially the younger two (age 3 and age 2) and they are mad about trains so it’s no surprise that they were really keen to try out the Dinosaur Train toys.

dinosaur train toyTomy sent us the Lights & Sounds Dinosaur Train with a Laura the Gigantosaurus figure. In the series, Laura is a look out for the train and rides in the observation car.

dinosaurtrainlauraThe train was slightly smaller than I had imagined. If you are familiar with Chuggington Die Cast trains, it is bigger than those but not loads bigger. The size is just right for Mr T and Mr R’s little hands and I was pleased to see the same coupling system as the Chuggington trains as they are familiar with those and I know from our previous experience that this system works well and the train carriages will stay together well while the children are driving it along the floor. This system also enables you to mix and match with other Dinosaur Train carriages which you can buy separately.


When you press the funnel of the train, this activates the lights and sounds. The front section of the train is clear to enable the body of that train to flash and light up which the boys loved. The sounds effects are different each time you press it, and there is a variety of Dinosaur noises which they also loved!

The only downside we found is that it can be a little tricky to get the Laura figure to stay in the train properly. There is a raised peg which her foot should press down onto but we just found she doesn’t always stay steady. However the boys were not too bothered by this as they love the train and they move Laura around anyway while making up stories and playing.

Dinosaur Train is a great concept as it combines Trains and Dinosaurs perfectly, both of which Mr T and Mr R really enjoy – as most boys of their age range seem to. They love the lights and sounds train, and I can see this continuing to be played with daily. I may look out for a couple of the other carriages and characters for them as I think they would enjoy collecting these.

If you have a little one who enjoys the show, they are sure to love it! If you have a little one who has not seen the show but is interested in trains and dinosaurs, they will probably still love it too!

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