Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

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Does your child absolutely love dinosaurs? If so, a dinosaur birthday party is sure to be a hit.

I write about activities for boys and boys’ learning and know that dinosaurs are a very popular topic! Anna asked me to find some fun dinosaur birthday activities and I was happy to see what I could dig up (a little dinosaur humor there.)

I have included dinosaur activities that are messy and others that are not. Some you can do outside if the weather is right, and activities that are great for indoor fun.

Throwing a Dinosaur Birthday Party need not be a hassle—really! Use a few of these activities, pair them with something fun to eat, and everyone is sure to have a great time.

Activities for Boys Dinosaur Party IdeasMessy Dinosaur Activities

Kids and messy activities just seem to go together and doing messy activities is great for them. They learn a lot and experience different sensory inputs. TIP: If you include messy play at the party be sure to let the parents know ahead of time so kids can wear old clothing or bring an art smock along.

Anna has a wonderful activity kids will go nuts for — Dinosaurs and Chocolate Cloud Dough. Make up a few batches and have several trays available for kids to play on.

Go on a Dinosaur Hunt! You draw dinosaurs on paper with white crayons ahead of time and the kids “hunt” with paint and paint brushes.

Let them discover dinosaurs in ice. You can color the ice eggs or leave them white. Either way, using tools and perhaps a bit of hot water to get the dinos out is a whole lot of wet fun.

Be sure to take a look at this post on my site for Dinosaur Fossil Birthday Party Ideas as well.

Non-Messy Dinosaur Activities:

Party games and open-ended play are wonderful choices for this party. Try a few of these and you can bet kids will have a roaring good time!

Use these Dinosaur Masks for some open-ended play. Have the kids romp and stomp about for a bit or have them tell their own stories of their life as a dinosaur!

Play this Dinosaur Memory Game to add a bit of learning while having fun. Print out several sets if you are having a larger group.

Volcano and Dinosaur Beanbag Toss. The kids will have a blast tossing dinosaurs at the volcano. If you don’t want to make a volcano out of felt, just go with a paper one to simplify things.

Dinosaur Party Foods and Dinosaur Birthday Cake IdeasDinosaur Birthday Snacks and Treats:

Food is a must at a at dino party! (at least that is what the boys tell me!) I like to have a variety of foods available. Have some regular snacks and then pick one or two special treats as well.

Let your child pick his or her favorites and you can all enjoy making them together.

These Dinosaur Rice Krispie Treats are a great one to include as they are impressive and so easy to make.

If you don’t mind the kids playing with their food a little bit, why not go with Dinosaur Dig Brownies?

You could make the dinosaur print cookies ahead of time or as part of the party activities. Have guests push dinosaurs into cookie dough and bake! Pretty simple, right?

Awesome Volcano Dinosaur Cake that you can make at home. Yes, this one is a bit of work but it is really cool!

If you are not up for the volcano cake, try this cake which is much less work—pop a plastic dino on top and put crushed Oreos around the bottom for dirt.

Another fine choice is these super easy dinosaur track cupcakes Simply delicious!

No need to get all fancy, these activities and party food ideas are all easy to do. Remember, what kids really want for their birthday is to spend time with you.

Create a fun and enjoyable dinosaur party for your kids and make some wonderful memories together!

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