Cotton & Olive Review and Giveaway

Cotton & Olive specialise in Peshtemal towels and bathrobes. Peshtemal is a light weight and quick drying flat-woven cotton that originated for use in the Turkish Hammams.

I had not tried these before, so Cotton & Olive sent me one Trendy Peshtemal towel to try out and review.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 09.32.16These towels are available in a wide variety of colours, and I have been sent a red one.IMG_6667

The peshtemal towels are quite different to the usual towels most people are familiar with. The first difference you will notice is how flat and compact they are. I wondered how absorbent it could be, being so much more compact and lightweight than other towels but I was quite impressed how absorbent it is! Here you can see the texture of the woven fabric up close.Β  IMG_6668 IMG_6669The Trendy Peshtemal Towel which I was sent is 175 Γ— 100 cm and sells for Β£15.00. These particular ones are most recommended for outdoor uses like camping or caravanning but I have also tried it out indoors after a shower and felt it worked well. As I mentioned, the towel is a lot more absorbent than you would think and the material feels comfortable against your skin. It feels quite refreshing compared to a ‘normal’ towel and on a hot day these type of towels would be really suitable. I found the peshtemal towel very handy for drying my hair. When you come out of the shower and wrap a towel around your head, sometimes the usual fluffy towels can be quite bulky and I find it gets annoying but this was a lot easier to wrap and keep in place.

These towels dry so quickly! I have not tumbled dried it at all, after washing I just hung it up and it was dry really soon. This will come in really handy on days out to the beach or some of the local water parks. After drying the children, I don’t want to have a damp towel hanging around in the bags if we are not going straight home but these peshtemal towels dry so quickly that you wouldn’t have that issue. Being so flat and compact also makes them more handy to take around, and in hot weather you could easily keep one in your bag or under the buggy if you live near to any parks with water play then it allows you to be spontaneous and go without planning and packing everything.

Cotton & Olive do also have some more luxurious peshtemal bath towels available if you browse on their website.
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 09.32.01Now on to the Giveaway! Cotton & Olive are offering one Kids Trendy Peshtemal Bathrobe for one lucky winner!

These are available in age 4-6 and 7-9 and are made from the same 100% cotton peshtemal as the towels. They come in a choice of orange, blue, hot pink, light green or purple.

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123 thoughts on “Cotton & Olive Review and Giveaway”

  1. I love the Unisex Trendy Peshtemal Bathrobes and the Childrens Peshtemal Bathrobes. Everything is lovely though.

  2. Absolute favourite items are the bathrobes, particularly the children’s. Also love the bamboo towels – lovely colours, x

  3. Hi everyone. This is Ilgen from Cotton and Olive. So lovely and incredibly encouraging to hear those heart-warming comments of yours!!! Many thanks for every and each one you. I am a big fan of these towels myself. And it is really exciting to have such a good feedback from you as well, as the webpage is just 7 months old. Huge thanks again!

  4. For me it’s got to be the Kids Trendy Peshtemal Bathrobe (which is why I’m entering the competition!) πŸ™‚

  5. The Children’s Trendy Peshtemal Bathrobes are adorable and so cute! I would love one of these as a present for a special someone. <3 Just because it looks so soft, special and is made with love! ~ <3

  6. The finesse bamboo peshtemal towels are fab and also the twist peshtemal towels – found in the beach section.


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