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Playing with puzzles and games is not just for children. For a few years now, I have been doing 1000 piece puzzles and I find it the most effective and relaxing thing for stress relief. I love it so much. In a world where we are constantly rushing around from one task to another without time to take a minute or be still, I really appreciate how much doing puzzles forces me to slow down and allows me to take time for myself.

Cloudberries are a UK-based company that creates fun, design-led jigsaw puzzles for adults. They allowed me to choose a puzzle from their site to review, and I went for the Patchwork jigsaw puzzle.

There are so many beautiful designs on the Cloudberries site, that it was not easy to choose. I would love to work my way through their entire puzzle collection!

The Patchwork puzzle which I chose is a great option if you like pattern based, logical puzzles. For me, this type of puzzle is less frustrating and more satisfying than something with vast expanses of blue sky, or a photograph style image. This particular one is quite easy because it is made up of so many different little squares. So if you have not tried 1000 piece puzzles before you may be surprised how easily you can put this together, and I found with this one that I didn’t even need to refer back so much to the image on the box because it is such a logic based design.

There is something deeply satisfying about taking a pile of jumbled pieces, and creating order, resulting in something beautiful. Keeping your mind busy with this type of task is also a great strategy for anxiety, and mental health. Recently I saw a tweet by psychologist Dr Glenn Doyle that spoke to this, and it made so much sense to me.

For me, puzzles definitely fit into this category of comforting cognitive task, and although I like the other ones mentioned in his tweet too, puzzles are my absolute favourite.

Cloudberries are committed to a truly high standard of service and product quality, making sure that their customers are satisfied with their puzzles. Their premium-quality puzzles are designed in the UK and made with sustainably sourced board. In January 2020, they also committed to planting one tree for each puzzle sold through a partnership with a leading NGO. If you want to learn more about Cloudberries, you can visit the website here:

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