Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets.. we love them, but they can definitely add to the cleaning work load of the family home. Some common messy traits that we pet owners have to deal with are shedding hair, spreading mud around the house, getting food everywhere or litter and toileting accidents. 

Beko put together some research showing 2021 Pet Habits revealed and we are going to share some cleaning tips to help all of you pet owners, whether you are a cat household, a dog household or even a fish household. 

Shedding dog hair is the most commonly the messiest pet trait. This can be dealt with by choose a vacuum cleaner with a range of attachments to clean up after your pet. The Mini Turbo brush on Beko’s PowerClean model is great for lifting pet hair from the sofa.

The Beko PowerClean™ cordless vacuum cleaner has been awarded a Which? Best Buy for outstanding performance. This is really reassuring to know as this is something we always check when buying household products, and the Which? recommendations never let us down! 

It will deeply clean your carpets and hard floors, while filtering out even the smallest particles of dirt and bacteria. The ActiFlex™ function and the wide range of attachments will allow you to get to those hard to reach areas. With a run time of up to 45 minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to finish your cleaning routine which is lucky since pet owners on average need to spend 4x longer than non pet owners in cleaning their houses. That is 4 hours a week compared to just one hour a week average for those families without pets. 

Household Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Here a few more simple cleaning tips to help life run smoothly as a family with pets. 

And remember, if you are renting in an apartment building, you can even be evicted for not cleaning up after your dog

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

Using a good quality vacuum cleaner that has been tested on pet hair, like the Beko PowerClean, will enable you to really keep on top of keeping your environment pet hair free and clean. 

Consider Scents for your home

Whether you prefer to use incense, essential oils or candles in your home, all of these scents are a great way to create a calming atmosphere and eliminate any lingering pet smells in the house. Lavender essential oil is a great choice with dogs

Use Removable Throws

Opting for removal throws, or fabric sofas with removable covers, enables you to easily wash these at a higher frequency and regularity to ensure that your home stays nice and fresh. The removable sofa throw can be washed every few days, and the fabric of the sofa underneath does not take the full wear and tear of your cheeky dog or cat. The same goes for cushion covers which can be removed and washed more often if your pet sheds a lot. 

Litter Tray Maintenance 

If you have a litter tray for your pet, adding a sprinkle of baking soda can help to mask the smell. Using a liner such as a plastic bag at the bottom of the litter tray is also a simple way to make your life easier when it comes to emptying, and also ensures the actual tray stays clean. 

Prepare for Mud

When taking your active dog for a nice stroll in the woods, the only downside is the muddy dog that you end up bringing home with you. It helps to prepare with a tray of water at your door so that you can clean paws before coming back into the house and then give your dog a nice bath once you get in so that they are good as new. 

Fish Tank Maintenance

Fish have a reputation as an “easy pet” but the tanks can also take a lot of cleaning to keep them in perfect condition and give your fish the best chance of a happy life. A gravel cleaner is one of the best tools recommended for the job and is able to suck up dirt from inside the tank without emptying the whole thing. After doing this, just top up with clean water around 10-20% to fill it back up. The filter will also need to be cleaned at least every couple of weeks. 

Despite the extra cleaning work that they add to the household, pets bring so much more joy and love to outweigh all of this and add so many benefits, and so much fun!

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