Christmas As It Should Be

At Christmas time, with all the excitement it’s easy for people to get caught up in the presents and the materialistic side of the season, but often the true joy of Christmas is found in the giving – not always in the receiving.

There are lots of little ways to let children experience this. We like to buy small gifts for all of our neighbours, normally a small box of chocolates for each of the nearby houses in the street or something similar. Kids can help out with choosing these and distributing them to neighbours, and they’ll also get a lot of satisfaction from spending time choosing the perfect present for close friends and loved ones – even if it is something small.  Another great way to give at Christmas is with your time, by volunteering to help where needed, or to spend some time with someone who’s lonely. The best gifts don’t always have to be material things.

We don’t believe in Santa in our house, but despite that, the magic of Christmas can’t be denied – to me it comes from the spirit of giving, and “goodwill to all men” as the Christmas carols say. At Christmas time, people are that little bit kinder to each other, quicker to smile at one another, and more eager to give and spread happiness. This is Christmas as it should be!

Christmas24 decided to set up a social experiment in Birmingham New Street, where they planted a special present booth to give out gifts, and then asked people to give them away to strangers, to brighten up their Christmas. Watch the video to see how this went. It’s a lovely video, and hopefully will fill you with some festive cheer!

Here’s a direct link to the video: Please do feel free to share!

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