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You can never have too many books. I always try to make sure that my children have a wide selection of books available in the house, so that they can choose something to suit their mood whatever they’re after – from fiction to non fiction, from challenging to the more simple.

I like to pick out a few to include as gifts at special occasions to help build up their collection and keep them excited about receiving new books. Here are few ideas you could consider if you like to do the same.

Book gift ideas for kids, including fiction and non fiction

I See Me

I See Me have a wide range of personalised books for kids. They are beautifully illustrated and include your child’s name throughout. I got the “My very own pirate tale” book for my 4 year old R, and throughout the story it spells out his entire name including 2 middle names and last name, which makes the book significantly longer than others we’ve come across that include the first name only!

The book includes a index of all of the sea creature characters at the back of the book, which you can spot throughout the story. It also comes with a dedication at the front, with his photo and a personal message, which makes this book such a lovely gift.


Lonely Planet

You might think of Lonely Planet for their travel guides, but they also have some great books for kids. Their kids titles are quite interactive and get kids thinking, as well as offering activities to complete.

For the older kids, we have You Rule which takes you through all the things to consider if you were in charge of a country. It’s educational, and imagination fuelling at the same time, and has a lot of information in it, covering the topics really well without dumbing down. This one is good for kids aged 7-8+


For the younger ones (around 3-4+) you could try Adventures Around the Globe which is simpler and includes colouring and stickers, along with maps, animals of the world, and facts to get them started on their global learning journey.


Shine-a-Light Books

This range of books is great for kids who love their torches. Shine your light through the pages, and reveal hidden images. We have the Shine a Light On The Plane book, and the Shine a Light On The Space Station.

These two titles will be out on January 4th, so look out for those! But meanwhile, there are some other Shine a Light books available already including On the Train and books with winter and under the sea themes.

These books are ideal for my youngest who is 4 years old. The pages include a simple story, with plenty of questions that prompt children to use their lights and looks for the answers.


The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

I loved books like these as a kid – where you have a big hardback collection of exciting stories, all illustrated beautifully! It’s hard to beat these for inviting bed time stories, and Hans Christian Anderson undoubtedly has some of the most classic stories. We have this edition from Parragon publishing, which is beautifully presented and includes more than 10 stories.



For fans of the very popular Pharrell Williams song, Happy, Ladybird books have now made it into a picture book. The words of the book are the lyrics of the song, and each page shows bright and colourful happy scenes with children. Young children would enjoy looking through the pictures, and singing along to the song.


The Clangers

If you remember the Clangers fondly from your own childhood, the time has come to introduce them to your kids with a new Clangers picture book out. We have the Clangers The Brilliant Surprise which is a beautifully illustrated story, perfect for young children of around 2-5 years old. The book comes with a foreword from one of the co-creators of the clangers, and the book has been written by the son of the other.


Learning Outdoors

A well as books for the kids to read, we love kids activity books for the family that give inspiration and ideas for activities to enjoy. Learning Outdoors with the Meek Family includes 52 educational adventures in the great outdoors, and would be a gift that the whole family can benefit from. We have other books from The Meek family too, and they are packed full of ideas to suit all ages!


Simply Colour

The grown up colouring craze is still going strong! Older kids may be keen to join in with this, and the Simply Colour magazine is a great way for them to do this. A new magazine is released every 8 weeks, giving plenty of time to finish all of the pictures in each one. We have issue 1 which comes with three themed chapters (Into the Wild, Bon Voyage! and Florals) and came with a free gift of 5 note cards and envelopes.


Sir Kevin and The Challenges

We’re always looking for simple chapter books for our 7 year old to enjoy independently, and Sir Kevin and the Challenges is one that he enjoyed recently. This book tells the story of underdog Kevin, who won’t give up on his goal to become the “Champion Knight” and tells of the three challenges that he completes on his way.


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