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I was recently sent this Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag to review. I am really loving it as its so spacious and also great quality.

It’s hard to believe, but after 3 kids this is the first proper changing bag I have had. I have previously been making do with the free one they give out from the Boots Parent and Baby club, so I really do think it was about time I have an upgrade – and I must say, this one does the job so well.

caboodle changing bag, spotty and purple
The bag out at a barbecue, perfect for fitting in everything for the 3 boys

I have found it especially ideal for days out on the weekend, when we are going for the full day and with all the family together. I can fit in nappies and wipes for the younger two, spare clothes, drinks cups, any toys they need and still have plenty of space and not feel the bag is cramped. On those days, I have been able to ditch my handbag and just keep my keys, purse and phone in a section of this bag too so everything is in one place and I feel less weighed down with a handbag here, a small backpack there, another bag over there etc etc!

caboodlecollage From top left:

  1. Hanging in the hallway, you can get an idea of its size
  2. Small metal badge reading Caboodle, and you can see the lovely grey spotty pattern. I really like this, it tends to go with everything and looks cheerful yet not OTT!
  3. The zip pull, again reading Caboodle
  4. Bag all loaded into the car ready for a day out

caboodlecollage2From top left

  1. The whole bag
  2. Inside lining and zip compartment. This is a generous size and has a section for your phone. There are also loads more unzipped pockets inside
  3. Metal feet on the bottom to stop it getting scuffed
  4. Outside pocket, there is one on each side


There are quite a few accessories included:

1. Changing mat
2. Insulated bottle holder, to keep milk or water at the right temperature
3. Zipped plastic pouch – ideal for putting any dirty or wet items in,to keep the rest of your stuff safe!

This bag will be really good for days out when we go to the local water parks and need to bring even more things like the children’s swimming clothes and towels, or for picnics when extra food and cups and plates are needed as it really will fit in a lot! It also would be great for newborn days when you have so many different things to bring. For me having 3 young children I find it great that I can get everything into the one bag. There’s no way I could do that with my old smaller changing bag so I had taken to just shoving stuff in various carrier bags – so disorganised, and not stylish at all. I have taken some telling offs from elders in the family about doing this! So they are much happier to see me with a proper smart looking changing bag! I am much happier with this bag too and really don’t know why I did not get one like this sooner!

This bag is currently £40.00 on which I think is good value for such a useful and good quality bag. There are a couple of other colour options also available: Blue, or Red Spot and there will be a new red trim version coming soon with grey spots like mine but a red trim rather than purple.

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  1. This looks awesome! I think I could probably use it when I go out with my two even though I technically don’t need a changing bag as they are 3 and 5, I am loving the space, the pockets, the metal feet and the style!


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