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Change4Life and Disney have partnered for a new campaign, the 10 Minute Shake Up to help encourage children to get active. The 10 Minute Shake Up campaign brings Disney inspired magic to children through free 10 Minute Shake Up packs, which will help more children reach the recommended minimum 60 minutes of physical activity needed every day, with fun, manageable bursts of exercise.

We were sent one of the new Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up packs to try out, along with some sporty Disney goodies and I’m really impressed with what’s included in the pack. The Disney theme definitely grabs the kids attention and makes it more appealing for them, and all the ideas are lots of fun.


The pack comes with a stopwatch for timing 10 minutes of activity, a wall chart and stickers for monitoring activity and 24 Disney Character activity suggestion cards. The characters included are a mixture of Disney movie characters and Disney Jr TV characters so whatever your child is into there will be something to grab their attention.

A fun way to use the cards is to shuffle them up and take turns to pick a 10 minute activity at random. Depending how much stamina your child has, you could keep going for a while! If you have only a few minutes to spare it’s also a good way to get in some essential active play for your child by just picking one card for 10 minutes.

There are some really creative active games included on the cars. Lightning McQueen’s Raceway is great!

  • Design a super cool car on a piece of paper
  • Mark out a course across the room
  • Kneel down on the start line and start making revving noises
  • On the word GO! drive your car down the track by blowing it from behind
  • But you mustn’t touch your car with your hands or it will over rev!
  • The driver that gets to the chequered flag first wins the piston cup!
  • Use your stop watch to record your best time for the course

You can download a free printable to make your car here on the Change4Life online portal.

There are also some more traditional games included but with a Disney twist, like Simba Says for Simon Says, and Nemo Tag.

Here are a couple of example cards for Jake’s Climb the Rigging and Dash’s Dodge (from the Incredibles)


This is a great pack, and well worth signing up for. It can be hard to think up so many new ideas all the time, so why not let Change4Life and Disney help out a bit! Anything that keeps kids enthusiastic in staying active is always a good thing especially these days when there are so many screen-based activities also fighting for their attention.

Find out more about Disney & Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up here. You can check for events nearby to you, and sign up for your free pack, and access all the online content in the 10 Minute Shake Up portal

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