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We’re excited to be part of the Chad Valley Play Panel again this year, putting Chad Valley toys to the test with our four children. This year our youngest was keen to get involved too and we’ve been trying out a really cool toy that definitely has the wow factor for babies: the Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone!

The Chad Valley Floating Fun Ball Zone comes with a play mat, 10 colourful lightweight plastic balls (the type you use in ball pits) and a rechargeable air flow machine.

The air flow machine recharges with usb (charger included) which is really handy and I was glad to see this rather than using regular disposable batteries, as it’s a lot less wasteful and you don’t have to worry about getting through the batteries quickly.

The mat is the perfect size for a baby or toddler to sit and play, and folds up small enough when not in use. Baby N is very active and doesn’t normally stay in one place very long but this toy kept her interest and she sat captivated with the balls for quite a long time each time we played with it.

She loves grabbing the balls and watching them fly in the air. It’s a pretty cool effect so we quite enjoyed playing with this toy with N too, and it’s a good one to get older siblings interested in playing together with the baby too.

Playing with the floating ball fun zone is a fun way to start introducing colours as you make different coloured balls float, and it must be good for babies hand eye coordination as they reach and grab the balls.

This toy is recommended for age 9 months+, which seems about right as baby N is 10 months and has been really enjoying this. I think younger babies may enjoy watching the balls too, the only thing to note is that the air flow machine does make a noise when switched on which is fairly loud although N was not phased by that at all so it wasn’t an issue for us.

The Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone is available for 24.99 from Argos online or in stores. It would make a great Christmas present for babies of around N’s age and upwards, and I’m looking forward to playing with it outside in the summer too as I think it will also be great fun in the garden.

To celebrate our collaboration with the Chad Valley Play Panel we’re also offering one lucky reader the chance to win £75 Argos vouchers, so look out for that giveaway coming up!

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  1. This looks like lots of fun, my Mollie will be 9 months at Christmas so this will be perfect for her, Il have to have a look online, I’m struggling with what to get her this year, as her birthday is in March too xxx

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  3. I purchased this second hand and although its a great Idea and very colorful my grandson was frighten of it because it is very noisy The current owner said that’s why she sold it on Her son didn’t like the moise it made


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