Fun Activities to Encourage Healthy Eating

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Providing the right nutrition for your child is essential to ensuring that he or she grows and develops appropriately with age. Despite this, parents often struggle to outsmart picky eaters. That’s why it’s important to teach children from a young age about the benefits of making healthy choices: where food products come from and what encompasses a balanced diet.

One way to do this is to think of new and fun ways to get children involved. As parents, we all know that young children learn best through play. But educating and entertaining your child need not be expensive and complex. Sometimes the simplest of ideas can have the biggest impact.

Fun activities to encourage healthy eating. This post shares a few simple games to play with fruit and vegetables and ways to explore healthy food with young children

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Activities Where Introverted Children Can Win

Adjectives such as shy, passive, withdrawn and anti-social are usually used to describe introverted children. Still, even though they might be shy and have trouble communicating their thoughts and feelings to others does not necessarily mean that they would not like to share their observations with the world and take part in fun activities like other kids.

The key is to provide the perfect activity an introverted child would enjoy, without pushing them too much to do something they do not feel comfortable with. This approach would only backfire. A responsible parent of an introverted child should pay close attention to the child’s interests and behavior to eventually help the child fit in, or simply cope with different surroundings.

activities where introverted children can win

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Finding the Perfect Option for Your Children’s Schooling & Dealing with the Dilemmas

Wouldn’t it be nice if your family could move into your dream home in a great area and never have to move? Despite TV shows like Grand Designs that often seem to suggest you can do just that, unfortunately life often gets in the way. Sometimes you need to move because of your job or your family grows unexpectedly and you find your home isn’t a good fit anymore. And when you find yourselves upping sticks you can find yourself suddenly heading for an area that doesn’t have a school that’s quite as good as the one the kids have been going to. So, what do you do? This blog post examines your options when the combination of your dream home plus ideal school seems firmly out of reach.

Finding the Perfect Option for Your Children's Schooling & Dealing with the Dilemmas

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What To Do If Your Child Swears Or Curses?

This post was written by Baby Room Nanny Agency, a reliable nanny agency in London that is dedicated to finding personalised childcare & household staff.

Children Using Inappropriate Language: What Can You Do?

Hearing your child use a swear word can be extremely alarming. No one expects it from their child, which makes it even more shocking when it happens. Unfortunately, in an age where TV and the internet are so readily available, it’s often impossible to shield your children from hearing inappropriate language.

When really young children swear, it’s often because they are just repeating something that they have heard elsewhere. Children mimic language when they are learning to speak and will pick up on anything they hear. It’s likely that many won’t even know that they have just used a bad word.

Children Using Inappropriate Language: What Can You Do? How to handle it when your child swears or curses

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Fun Ways to Use Reward Charts with Your Kids

Reward chards can be such a good parenting strategy as they are a great way to reinforce good behaviour and can be used from helping the kids potty train to getting them brush their teeth daily if they are reluctant to, amongst many other things. There’s a reason that they are such a popular strategy!
There are so many ways you can make the reward charts fun for children, not only by picking a fun reward for them once they complete it, but also to make the whole process interesting for them.
Fun ways to use reward charts with your kids
Here’re just a few ideas for reward charts that you could try

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12 Must Know Travel Tips for Parents

Travelling is always exciting, but as parents there’s a lot more planning to be done. The spontaneous and last minute trips aren’t always as possible as before, but with these simple tips you can make your journey go as smoothly as possible to enjoy all of your travel adventures with the kids.

12 Must Know Travel Tips for Parents for flying with kids, and packing hacks to make life easier

Flying with kids tips

Pack plenty of supplies in the hand luggage: Snacks, small toys, chewing gum or sweets to help with their ears during take off and landing (to prevent that horrible popping sensation that can happen with the pressure). Also do not forget to pack their toothbrushes. We all use electric toothbrushes at home and I have just discovered that there are great options of electric toothbrush for travel!!!Amazing right?

Use the new online baggage finder tool from APH to ‘know before you go’ about the regulations with regards to hand luggage size and, for those with younger children, rules about milk and travel seats.

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The book that can put your kids to sleep. Does ‘The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep’ really work?

Have you heard about the children’s book that claims to help your kids fall asleep, making bed time go really smoothly as they drift off while listening to the story? I was pretty intrigued by this, and had to try it for myself! We were sent a copy of the now-famous book ‘The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep’ and I tried it out with my four year old, who sometimes has a tendency to get out of bed after bed time to wander around and try to play with toys.

One book that can really help your child to fall asleep easily at bedtime. It actually works!

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The Cost of Education

Here in the Playroom we love to focus on all of the fun, unique and interesting aspects of play, yummy nutrition and educational opportunities that affect children’s and parent’s lives. While we often profile the fun and frivolous things in life that are relevant to our readers at the early stages of their kids’ development, our readers often ask us questions about the future of their family education savings plans.

Recent news reports suggest that the cost of a three year university degree in the UK is rapidly topping 60 thousand pounds per child – multiply that by two or three children and you can quickly see the financial stress that some families are facing. Tuition and housing prices are increasing at staggering rates, and yet the desire and need for a university education remains fierce.

If you are facing monetary anxiety and a tight household budget already, what can do to begin a savings plan for your children’s future? We asked the experts and came up with a few simple steps that can help anyone assess their credit and begin to save for their child’s education.

4 Practical tips to help save for your child's education

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Are you Stuck in the Technology Trap, or Digital Detoxers?

How many devices do you take away with you on a family holiday? The average family takes six. I can definitely see that, especially with older kids or teenagers.

I would feel lost travelling without my iPhone (especially needed for camera and maps on the go) but can happily leave iPads and other devices at home, and I refuse to take my laptop away while travelling since I want to feel a complete break from work.

Technology on holiday

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