When Are Your Kids Ready for Swim Lessons?

When Are Your Kids Ready for Swim Lessons?

Unless you are one of the lucky few, your three or four-year old is not going to tap you on the shoulder one day and say, “Mom, I am ready for swim lessons. Please sign me up at your earliest convenience.” In fact, even most older kids are not going to come up with the idea on their own (unless, of course, their best friend is doing it and loving every minute of it). So it’s up to us, the parents, to figure things out on our own—like many other things.

So how do you know if the time is right? Is there an ideal age? Even the experts don’t agree on the answer to that question. Most would say that if you have a backyard swimming pool, it’s never too early to get your kids into swim lessons. In fact, Infant Self-Rescue (ISR) is a program designed to train a baby 6-12 months of age to roll onto its back and float in the water.

How to tell when your kids are ready for swim lessons - tips, and signs to look out for

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Tips for a Good Nights Sleep for the Whole Family (with free e-book)

Getting a good nights sleep is so important. I know that when I don’t get enough sleep, it definitely affects my mood the next day and if it happens night after night it can really impact on the family as we’re not at our best.

It’s the same for children too. If they are not getting enough sleep then they won’t be at their best either. It can affect their learning at school, and can leave them over tired and grumpy.

Getting a good night's sleep. Tips for the whole family

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Parenting a New Baby – Common Illnesses and What to Expect

It’s six years now since we first brought a baby home from the hospital as new parents, but it really doesn’t seem so long ago! I remember so well all those feelings of love and excitement as we set out on our journey into parenthood for the first time. All babies are special, but first babies are a real learning curve. As you transition from a couple into a little family you find life changing and adapting so much, meanwhile you get to grips with nappies, feeding, and needing to pack a zillion things when you leave the house! Parenting a new baby for the first time, although so exciting, can also be daunting as you learn how to handle all the common illnesses and ailments and may be worrying whether you’ve done everything correctly.

What to expect parenting a newborn baby - the common illnesses and ailments

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How Quickly Time Flies #PowerOfSoft

I am always saying that I can’t believe how quickly the time flies with the kids. It feels like just the other day that Mr Z was born, and now he is in his final year of infant school, and his younger brothers have both started school and nursery this year too. From having my house full with three children age 3 years and under and all the noise and mayhem that they bring, gradually they have each grown up and started school and nursery and now I will have the house empty during the day for part of the week. Those pre-school years just flew by!

From this…

time flies #powerofsoftto this…

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Back to School

The summer holidays have gone by so fast and today was Mr Z’s first day back at school. He is now in year 2! He was really happy to go back and see his friends and seems to have had a lovely day, which is great.

To get ready for back to school, JD Sports sent over a back to school bag and coat for Mr Z. I’m very happy with the quality, and can’t believe how grown up he looks now that he is going into year 2.

JD sports mckenzee coat

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‘Your toy story’ – Why You Should Introduce Your Kids to the Toys of Your Childhood

I have many fond memories of the toys I grew up playing with as a child. I’ve never really grown out of being interested in toys, I’m often just as keen as the children to play and explore new toys together. Play is so important and the primary way in which the children are learning so I’m always happy to give the boys new play opportunities and introduce new materials and ideas to them. It’s not only new things that can spark their imagination though. Many of the toys and games that they love best have been around since I was small, and even for generations before that.

Why you should introduce your kids to the toys of your childhood

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Making the Home Safer for Playing Kids

When we become parents, one of the first thing we start thinking about is making the home safer for playing kids. I know that we have made many changes since having our first child, Mr Z, 6 years ago. As soon as he began crawling and pulling himself up to explore his surroundings we quickly realised a few changes would have to take place as we started to move breakable items higher up and cover up or remove any hazards. Now with three kids running around, our home is well and truly child proofed. I’ve shared tips and advice on this topic before and today I have a guest post sharing some more home safety tips with you.

Making the home safer for playing kids - things to think about when baby and child proofing the house


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Starting school for Children on the Autistic Spectrum

It won’t be long before we start thinking about back to school. For those with children starting school for the first year, it’s always an exciting and a worrying time for both kids and parents. For families with children with special needs, sometimes the worry is a little more! Today I’m sharing my tips and the strategies that we are trying for our son who will be starting school in September with ASD. I’m happy to be joining together with other bloggers from the Kid Blogger Network who are all sharing their back to school advice and tips as well as offering an amazing giveaway for you all to enter!

Tips for starting school for children with Autism, strategies and visuals

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